Monday 11 May 2020

Tropic Skincare's ALL NEW Sun Protection Range

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Tropic Skincare has released an all-new, game-changing suncare collection just in time for summer. I've used a number of their products over the last few years and as an avid suncare fan, I've been super intrigued by the launch. 

Tropic's new reef-safe sun protection range offers defence against UVA and UVB rays in silky, hydrating formulas that protect against daily pollution and blue light damage. The range perfectly embodies Tropic's purpose to create a healthier, greener and more empowered world and with cutting edge ingredients for optimum skin health, they are the first products in Europe to wear the Protect Land + Sea seal of approval. Proceeds from each purchase will also go towards funding education with Tropic's charity partnership with United World Schools. 

How amazing is that? 

The broad-spectrum sun protection is provided by reef-safe chemical filters which in Great Barrier and Sun Stick have been combined with mineral protection from zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. The lightweight and I mean seriously lightweight formula is super hydrating, sinking into the skin leaving no stickiness, no residue or any yuck factor. I had my bundle of products arrive a few weeks ago and the gorgeous weather has meant I've really been able to test them out and I've been so impressed. I'm a stickler for sun protection and have used some terrible products over the years but this is totally going to change how you see and apply sunscreen. 

Here's the lowdown on all sun protection range:

This is like the lead product in my eyes, the sun lotion comes in SPF 15, 30 and 50 giving ultimate protection against harmful rays. The water and sweat-resistant lotion pairs mineral sun protection with reef-safe chemical filters and vitamin E to soothe skin exposed to high temperatures helping to repair and rejuvenate skin. 

With a silky, hydrating formula packed with powerful extracts that shield skin from UV rays and free radical damage, it's what I've been reaching for the most. The coconut extract also gives the delicious scent of the Caribbean which certainly helps. 

If sun cream is more your thing then Skin Shade will be for you. A slightly heavier formula, Skin Shade still glides on to the skin - there's no mess and no grease. Available in SPF 15, 30 and 50 it helps protect much like Great Barrier but without mineral protection shielding your skin from harmful UV rays.

Daily sunscreen is something we should ALL already be wearing, I learned my lesson the hard way after a very sunburnt nose when I lived in Spain so now I don't leave the house without any on. If you still find it hard to add it into your skincare routine, give Sun Day a try. The weightless and transparent facial sunscreen doubles up as a multi-tasking primer! The formula is enriched with Hyaluronic acid giving a burst of hydration to skin while banana flower and hibiscus extracts offer unbelievable pollution protection and anti-inflammatory benefits. It's a fab cream and my makeup doesn't slide off with it either! 

If on the go protection is something you're looking for when you don't want to lug around a big tub then Sun Stick is a brilliant alternative especially as it's the ideal size for noses and tops of ears. It's super convenient, easy to use and pocket-sized! Featuring a reef-friendly solid formulation, the balm offers SPF 50 protection and contains nourishing and skin-soothing natural ingredients. Tamanu oil helps transform skin regeneration helping to reduce the effects of sunburn while it protects. The only thing you'll need to be wary of is the scent, Tamanu Oil has a really distinctive smell that not many like, personally I don't mind it but it's something to bear in mind if purchasing. 

There's nothing worse than using a product you can't stand the smell of.

I'm a big fan of tinted products in the summer months, one of my favourites is by Clarins but this one has impressed me so far. I'm really not wearing much makeup at the moment but I do still quite like to have a subtle base if I'm going to the shops or for a walk. Skin Shade is a light, 100% mineral formulation that offers a gorgeously sheer and dewy coverage. It's also water-resistant, has broad-spectrum protection and is full of antioxidant-rich protective ingredients to help shield your skin from free radicals and UV rays. 

Available in light/medium and medium/dark, I find light the perfect match for me. You still need to blend a little to get a perfect base but it lasts and anything that helps even out my skin and protects gets top marks in my book. 

It wouldn't be a suncare collection without an aftersun lotion making an appearance, would it? The Sun Soothe Cooling Aftersun Lotion is what dreams are made of and the 100% natural, reef-friendly aftersun lotion has cooling, anti-inflammatory ingredients to help repair sunburnt skin while prolonging the results of your natural tan. It's super silky, oh so smooth and it promises to relieve skin after too long in the sun - I can't confirm what it does for sunburnt skin because I never let my skin get that far but even on skin that's had a perfectly protected day in the sun it feels luscious.

The Tropic Suncare Collection is available to purchase now. We may not be jetting off anywhere soon but we can still be protected in our gardens. 

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