Friday 21 July 2017

The Brand Spanking New Lush Southampton

Today, sees the long awaited opening of the new Lush Southampton store in West Quay. Our local Lush has been by the Bargate Castle since it opened in 2000, small, cute and compact but one hell of a nightmare at Christmas when you wanted to stock up on limited edition bath bombs. With a buzz of excitement in the air, Mark Constantine snapping selfies and two of the girls dressed up as bath bombs, everyone was more than ready when the shutter first went up. The store opens officially at midday and it is so worth the wait. The new concept stores are beautiful and even though I had a good look around last night, there was still so much more to see! Take a peek inside...

Huge thank you to Lush for inviting me along to have a sneak peek at the store before it opened, it was so shiny and new. We were each gifted goody bags and I couldn't resist buying some new bits so there will be a Lush Haul blog post in the next few days too! 

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