Sunday, 3 May 2020

10 Things I've Missed During Lockdown

Being in lockdown has given me more time than I thought possible, weirdly at a time I needed it most. The beginning of the year was super busy with events, work and general life - being able to press pause and not worry I was letting anyone down by saying no because we were all in the same boat was such a relief.

It's kinda given me the push to say no to more in future, I just wish right now was under different circumstances.

I miss normal life and my family. I miss seeing my friends, it breaks my heart that I have to tell Joshua he can't see his. I've found word dumping into blog posts or notes the best way to cope over the last few weeks - it's out of my head which leaves room for other things to worry about I suppose. I kinda wanted this post as a memory, a memory to what I valued as important when I couldn't do anything else, something to remind me when I'm feeling out of my depth.

I just hope I can do all of these things very soon.

1. The first thing we're going to be doing is seeing family. I think the minute it's announced that we're allowed we'll be grabbing our jackets and running to my parents. They're only a five-minute walk away and it's been so hard not being able to visit. Joshua misses them dearly, we all do. We're a really close family, we see or speak daily so having not seen them this long is awful. 

2. Right behind visiting family will be friend dates! I cannot wait to be drinking cocktails on a sun terrace with my best friend or getting in a date for book swaps with the girls and of course play dates with my best mum friends and their little ones. I'm a social person so not being able to go out has been hard and Zoom calls just aren't the same! 

3. Brunch! Oh have I missed heading out for brunch with Arran and Joshua. We tend to stick with one of the many gorgeous independents we have in Southampton when it comes to weekend breakfast dates such as Mettricks, Lakaz Maman or Maritimo Lounge and we're so looking forward to the time we can do that again.

4. I've said many times how I miss going out for coffee, it's one of my favourite things to do, Joshua and I do it frequently and it's where I always head on my own when I have an hour to spare while he's at preschool so that first one is gonna be special.

5. Doing a food shop without having to queue outside or have an anxiety attack every time someone comes too close to you is something I will not miss. I've always enjoyed food shopping so I can't wait to spend an afternoon just strolling around the aisles and not worrying about being judged for what we class as essentials - I've just missed a normal food shop so much!

6. Being able to stay home with Joshua means during the week once we're up and sorted, we can just go out and do as we please. We go to country parks, soft play, go to the shore - the possibilities are endless and I've really struggled not being able to do as we please to keep us both entertained and sane. 

7. Blogging events - working from home on your own can be quite lonely so I've become so used to having regular events to go to with my lovely group of blogging friends. It's always been a chance for us to catch up, get advice and talk blogging. I can't wait for our first get-together. 

8. Sounds so ridiculous but Nandos! When Arran and I first met we had a date that we were adamant wasn't a date, anyway soon we were official and it's been an ongoing joke between ourselves and friends ever since so every year on our anniversary we go to Nandos. Our anniversary is very soon so I'm gonna have to whip up my best fake Nandos at home until we can get the real thing. 

9. Date nights with Arran have been thoroughly missed especially as we're yet to have one this year. 2020 started with me being ill, then Joshua, as well as trying to navigate for someone to have Joshua then Arran had his knee op. Within weeks we were plunged into lockdown so that first evening out just Arran and I will be so special. 

10. Travelling and days out are a big part of our lives as a family, we had some stays booked in London, Bournemouth and an exciting trip to Paris as well as days out planned which have all been put on hold. I honestly cannot wait to start exploring with my favourite people again, we want to show Joshua the world. 

What have you missed the most during this strange time?



  1. Travel is right at the top of my list - I was hoping to be in Bali right now and still hope that can happen by the end of the year, if travel as we know it isn't a thing of the past! I also miss being able to go to the bakery near me and get a nice loaf of sourdough and having friends come and stay for the weekend or going back to my mum's. It still all feels a bit surreal - like life's on pause

    Jasmine xx

  2. I miss my family terribly too, I can't wait to give them a hug when it's all over! I also miss going to a supermarket for a proper food shop rather than relying on food deliveries all of the time (I'm high risk so I'm in complete lockdown) and not treating a food delivery like a military operation when it comes to wiping everything down! x

    Lucy |

  3. Ah, I really miss seeing family and friends and ofcourse having to take the dogs for walks.

  4. Missing family and friends is so hard. I can’t wait to return to normal and see everyone, do things without feeling worried or anxious.

  5. I feel the exact same as you, I miss my family and friends SO much. I can't wait to see them again soon. And just generally getting out and about around town will be amazing. I hope I don't ever take my life for granted again, like I did before all of this happened!

  6. Coffee is definitely on my list! It's where I have a little me time to focus on creating blog posts. I'm usually in Costa for that matter x

  7. I've missed my friends and family and eating out the most - gimme da food x

  8. I've really missed friends and family - strangely got used to not eating out...and my bank account loves it!!
    Em x

  9. I really miss meeting my friends and family. Eating at food shops is my favourite thing to do. I just miss having that freedom. I guess even after this lockdown ends, people would feel paranoid about even touching an object that is exposed to bacteria and virus outside!Thanks for sharing this post!

  10. Family has been the biggest one for me too because I live so far away from home and I didn't have the option to travel home before lockdown started. I'd really can't wait to be reunited with them when lockdown is over as I've not seen them since January x

  11. I just miss not thinking about it - going into town with a close friend for a wander, sitting drinking coffee and trying on clothes and having a giggle. I miss just not thinking about it.

  12. I have missed the interaction with customers at work, but have enjoyed the "pause" so much. I've had a voyage of self discovery, and I'm hoping I'll be a better person for it!


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