Monday 18 May 2020

Doughnut Time Home Kits - Are They Worth It?

Doughnut Time - known as the biggest, brightest and boldest doughnuts in town, they're a sight to behold and we're big fans. The unique, hand-crafted doughnuts are made daily in small batches before being decorated by their dedicated doughnut designers who work around the clock to ensure the dreamiest, freshest doughnuts are in store, seven days a week. 

Being in Southampton means previously, Doughnut Time has been a treat to bring home when one of us has been in London but with the country in lockdown and businesses quickly having to change how they do things - DIY Doughnut Home Kits were created. 

We've had two of the DIY Doughnut Home Kits so far and have enjoyed them so much so I thought I'd give you the lowdown on what's included and if they're worth it as it's one of the main questions I've had on Instagram.

Our first box was one of the Easter Home Kits as a gift from my sister which included the vegan Mi-Shell Obama doughnut and most recently The Biscoff Kit. They were to cheer us all up and it certainly did just that. Both boxes being vegan also meant that it was a fun activity to do with Joshua. To be honest, this has been the main selling point for us. Days are long when they start at 5.30am every day so there's been the odd occasion where we've just completely run out of ideas and something like this has meant we've had half hour or so of fun and the joy of eating our creation afterwards too. 

From what I can gather from the website, there are four boxes available to order one of which is The Melted Chocolate Twist (£11.50). The boxes are £22.00 each which I know has put quite a few people off but to be completely honest, I think the cost is really fair. 

Within the £22.00 Home Kits, you'll receive everything you could possibly need to make your doughnuts be it the much loved Biscoff or Sia Later and Ice Ice Bae Bae which can be found within the favourites box. There are four fresh doughnuts plus your piping bags and any decorations you'll need - I also love the handy hints card which guides you through the process, while Arran and Joshua have just got stuck in, I've been sitting there carefully creating my doughnut masterpiece!

One thing I think you have to remember is that they're an independent business trying to survive during a global pandemic, personally, I think they've adapted to it really well. They've taken a famed doughnut that you can only get in London and made it available nationwide and if spending £22.00 on four delicious doughnuts means we get a gloriously fun hour with our son and the chance to sit with a cuppa and a fresh doughnut afterwards then it's worth every penny. 

Doughnut Time, even when you visit the store is an experience, it's exciting, fun and you get a tasty treat at the end of it. We've really enjoyed both of the kits we've done now and Joshua has loved it which is the important thing! I have zero complaints about the ingredients and freshness, the doughnuts really are delivered fresh. We're just super impressed and all the while we've been at home trying to find things to do with a toddler, this has been one of our favourite things to do together as a family. 

You can purchase your own DIY Doughnut Home Kit online now via

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