Wednesday, 20 May 2020

30 Thoughts I've had During Lockdown

I don't know about you but between not going out in weeks apart from shopping for essentials and avoiding everyone around us, lockdown has been interesting and I've had a lot of thoughts about it. It's been a weird ol' time really - we've gone from going to work, going shopping and going to bars when we want to working from home mostly, having to stay at home and not see our families. 

We're now coming towards the end of May, things still aren't looking that great in the UK and the country is a laughing stock to the rest of the world - it's been one hell of a ride so in light of this I've jotted down some thoughts, some funny, some serious but most of all just a little light hearted as we go through something quite awful.

  1. If I never hear the word unprecedented again it will be too soon. 
  2. The British really are the most selfish nation, aren't they?!
  3. HOW hard is it for people to understand the term stay at home
  4. Christ, people really do hate the self-employed, they know we pay tax too right?
  5. "I'm gonna make sourdough!" FUCK - it takes how long?!
  6. Is everyone on my Twitter on Only Fans now?
  7. Is Only Fans worth it?
  8. I've seen my Amazon driver more than my parents this year, I'll have to invite him to Christmas
  9. *peers out the window* Well they sure as fuck aren't from the same household! 
  10. I really should've cleaned my makeup brushes by now 
  11. Is Rishi Sunak sexy or have I been inside too long? 
  12. Definitely been inside too long.
  13. He looks a bit like Prince Charles, doesn't he?
  14. Are Cadbury's Giant Buttons an essential item?
  15. Am I wasting police time if I log an online form about my neighbour's BBQ?
  16. Looks like number 20 aren't clapping for the NHS any more. 
  17. Is a nice dress and red lipstick too much for the food shop?
  18. WHY is my food shop now double the cost it used to be *weeps*
  19. If our relationship survives lockdown, we'll survive anything
  20. Why are garden centres open?! Are you purposely trying to kill off everyone over 70?
  21. I really, really dislike Boris Johnson
  22. I'm genuinely embarrassed to be British right now 
  23. How much baking is too much baking? 
  24. Am I the only person that hasn't baked banana bread yet? 
  25. Still think we should've gone into full lockdown, this is never going to end 
  26. *unfollows everyone that praises how fast (LOL) Boris acted*
  27. I miss wasting money on shit, expensive takeaway coffee
  28. Can I eat cake for breakfast?
  29. I really miss my parents
  30. I'm so glad I have Arran and Joshua



  1. The amount of people around Manchester that haven’t been sticking to the rules is crazy! x

  2. I absolutely howled at this post Alice! You're absolutely right, the British are the most selfish people in the world! I've come very close to reporting my neighbour for having people over all the time! Why can't people just follow the rules?! x

    Lucy |

  3. Alice, I've saved so much money since not having Costa every day, it's interesting to see how much money I use to waste a day 👀 x

  4. Omg this is all so true!!
    I’ve never used Amazon so much! I’m so angry with Britain as a whole for its handling of this. So many selfish idiots!

  5. Mad that a quarter of these thoughts are about people who probably don't give a damn about us. Sorry to be a bit explicit. But yeah this made for some hilarious reading fir the most part. #26 was the standout 😂

    Johnny | Johnny's Traventures

  6. Ah loved this! This lockdown has seriously made me realise how much unnecessary shit I buy. Do I really need that 100th lipstick?! Hells no.. I am thankful for that and its really changed my spending habits. Firstly, I am just too broke to buy anything anyway. Foods prices in South Africa has sky rocketed.

  7. hahaha! This did make me chuckle. It's all so true. I have seen delivery people more than my dad and there is something about Rishi! Yes you can eat cake for breakfast. lol

  8. think I'll be inviting my Amazon delivery guy over for Christmas too haha it's a crazy old time isn't it gal x

  9. This made me laugh out loud, so many points I really agree with - ESPECIALLY numbers 2 and 26! I like that you ended on such a positive note though, that's what it's all about really. But I can't wait to get back outdoors! x

  10. LOL - my boyfriend showed me a chart of how often a word gets used online for 'unprecedented' and there was a huge spike from March 2020! Can definitely relate to the frustration of feeling like you're doing what you're supposed to whilst seeing others flout the rules

    Jasmine xx

  11. I did the food shop earlier in the week and my husband commented how nice I looked...must have looked pretty rough the last few weeks I guess!!!!!
    Em x

  12. ME: What day is it? haha. Yeah my food shop has tripled in price and I have NO idea why! I miss my family so much! :(

  13. This proper made me chuckle! Also, wtf is Only Fans! hahah! z


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