Monday 4 May 2020

The Pixi Beauty Hydrating Milky Collection

Pixi really knows how to make a stir when it comes to new skincare releases and the Hydrating Milky Collection is no different. This is my dream skincare collection and when it landed in my skincare loving hands in February I promptly got to work trying it out. 

In the words of Pixi, hydrated skin is happy skin and I have to agree - my skin looks completely different when it's happy and hydrated. The rich, moisturising products like those found in Pixi Beauty's Hydrating Milky Collection is ideal for anyone who wants firm, healthy and youthful skin.

The collection features every item you could possibly need for hydrated skin starting with a super creamy cleanser and makeup remover right through to a milky peel and nutrient-rich serum. I've been using the collection for the last twelve weeks, I've loved some bits and not been too fussed on others but overall I'm pretty impressed - I'm a sucker for a Pixi collection. 

The Hydrating Milky Cleanser (£18.00) is beautifully rich and moisturising thanks to the addition of Coconut Extract, Oat Extract, Probiotics and Willow Bark Extract. Suitable for all skin types, the ultra-nourishing cleanser helps to thoroughly clean skin leaving a perfect canvas for the rest of your routine. I squeeze a little blob into clean hands before massaging into the skin and wiping away with a warm, damp flannel. It's a fab cleanser!

The Hydrating Milky Makeup Remover (£24.00) helps cut through waterproof and long-wear makeup. The moisturising makeup remover is strong enough to tackle the most stubborn eye, lip and face makeup, but gentle enough to leave your skin hydrated and nourished. It's also infused with Coconut and Oat Extract and Probiotics to help keep your skin healthy. It's a great little product and the hygienic pump means you just have to press your cotton pad upon it to dispense which controls how much you use perfectly.

Exfoliating is one of those things I really love doing, there's nothing quite like getting rid of lots of dead skin cells to reveal brighter, smoother skin! Pixi's Hydrating Milky Peel (£24.00) is a surprisingly creamy micro-peel which helps to delicately remove dead skin cells to brighten your skin. The formula contains Natural Cellulose, Coconut Extract, Oat Extract and Probiotics for added moisture while Arginine helps boost the skin's collagen and elastin production for youth-preserving effect. 

I really like the peel, I wasn't sure at first - I think the word peel sometimes sounds a bit extreme so I held off using it but I couldn't help myself in the end and boy is it good! My skin instantly felt smoother without completely stripping it bare and it's gentle even on my mildly sensitive skin. 

Once the skin is fully prepped, it's time for the Hydrating Milky Tonic (£10.00). The gentle, milk-enriched toner delivers a calming effect to help comfort the complexion and contains Oat extract for its soothing and balancing effects. Effective even on sensitive skin, the gentle, alcohol-free tonic will leave skin feeling hydrated, nourished and relaxed. If you're looking for a toner that isn't that harsh, this would be perfect for you. I liked the Milky Tonic but Glow Tonic will always be the one for me. 

Hands up who loves a serum? The Hydrating Milky Serum (£26.00) is a nutrient-rich serum that features a lightweight formula that instantly restores dehydrated skin as it nourishes your complexion. It's honestly fantastic and I noticed a difference from the first time I used it. It leaves my skin so soft and beautifully dewy, it's a total dream in a bottle but there is one issue - the packaging. The serum is too thick for the dropper so when you replace the dropper, there's so much product on the side that you end up wasting it. I've started to just dispense some in my hand directly from the bottle rather than using the dropper. I'm so glad I kept the cap when I first opened it! 

The final product is your moisture injection. I'm a sucker for a good moisturiser, I usually like mine rich and creamy so I didn't think I'd like the Hydrating Milky Lotion (£24.00) as I assumed it would be too light but it's actually quite nice, not my favourite and I don't reach for it all the time but it does the job. It's super smooth and soaks into skin with no tackiness and contains an ultra-moisturizing blend of Coconut Oil, Cocoa Bean Extract and Shea Butter. It's perfect if you've seen a little bit too much sun and it's one I may keep in the fridge in the summer, it's just not one I've kept on my daily skincare shelf. 

The Hydrating Milky Collection is available to purchase online and in-store. If you're looking for something to inject some life into your skin then this is for you!

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