Wednesday 12 April 2023

The NEW L’Oréal Paris Elvive Bond Repair Collection

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L’Oréal Paris Elvive has really upped the hair stakes this year with the introduction of their latest collection, Bond Repair. Likened to the cult Olaplex hair range, Bond Repair is their deepest set of repair products to instantly transform your hair. Featuring technology with a citric acid complex that powers deep into the hair, the four-step routine helps to rebuild broken bonds from the inside out. 

The collection includes four products - a pre-shampoo treatment, shampoo, conditioner and leave-in serum. Available now in all major beauty stores, the collection is worth its weight in hair gold and the reviews coming out have been fantastic. 

Fabulous hair has never been so easy. 

L’Oréal Bond Repair Pre-Shampoo Treatment
An intensive rinse-off treatment and the first step of the revolutionary new Bond Repair hair care routine to be used before shampooing, the pre-shampoo treatment is where it all starts. 

Hair is made up of millions of bonds that give it structure and strength, when hair bonds break through brushing, bleaching, heating, and styling, hair becomes weak and damaged. For the first time, this treatment targets these issues and helps to restore hair to its original strength. You just apply a generous amount on damp hair from scalp to ends, leave it on for five minutes and then rinse thoroughly. It's advised to use weekly then follow with the shampoo. 

L’Oréal Bond Repair Shampoo
The sulphate-free shampoo forms the second step of the new Bond Repair haircare routine - following the pre-shampoo treatment, apply the shampoo and massage onto hair. The super luxurious shampoo creates the softest lather despite being sulfate-free, ensuring hair is clean from root to tip. 

L’Oréal Bond Repair Conditioner
The conditioner forms the third step of the Bond Repair haircare routine, you need the smallest amount of this luxurious cream formula to soak the ends of your hair. Leave on for three minutes and then rinse out making sure the water runs clean so as not to leave any product in your hair. I adore L’Oréal conditioners as I can feel the difference they're making to my hair as I'm using them plus it smells incredible. 

L’Oréal Bond Repair Leave-In Serum
The fourth and final step is the leave-in serum. I have a love/hate relationship with leave-in products as I find most weigh my hair down but I haven't found that with this product at all - mild relief! You use this as your finishing product to help create maximum shine and as a heat protectant. Just rub two drops between the palms of your hands and apply evenly through the lengths and ends of wet or dry hair. 

Overall, they're such a brilliant set of products, I can't vouch that they're better than Olaplex as I've not used them before but they have made such an incredible difference to my own hair - ADORE.

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