Friday 27 August 2021

The NEW Clarins Supra Lift & Curl Mascara

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At the end of July, Clarins released a twist on their much loved Supra mascara and having used it for the last month I thought it was high time I gave you the lowdown!

If you've been around these parts for a while, you'll know I've used Clarins Supra for years - it is one of my go-to mascaras and never lets me down so I was intrigued by the Supra Lift & Curl which is a totally new innovation from the French skincare brand.

Shall we take a closer look?

Wednesday 25 August 2021

Suffering from Post-Partum hair loss? You need to try the Invati Advanced™ Collection from Aveda

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As soon as you've got used to all that luscious hair during your pregnancy, it starts to fall out in clumps and I mean CLUMPS! I suffered the worst post-partum hair loss with our son so I am more than prepared to have the same thing happen again this time. Thankfully I'm already prepared with the products I used after my first experience of it so it was about time I let you in on a little secret on how I tackled post-partum hair loss.

Aveda as a brand has been a go-to of mine for years, from their haircare and skincare to their makeup - it has been rare that I've found any product misses so it was inevitable that it would be Aveda to come to the rescue of my hair woes.

Monday 23 August 2021

Latest in Beauty & Fabulous // The Beauty Heroes Active Ingredients Box

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It's time for another Latest in Beauty collection box and for the first time ever, you'll be able to pick up the Fabulous Active Ingredients Edit. The must-have collection is packed with an abundance of full-size products that will make a serious difference to your beauty routine. Inside, you'll find active formulas that include key ingredients like vitamin A, B & C, salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid and more - it's an absolute treat of a beauty edit! 

With the edit worth £160, you can also explore the very best expertly crafted formulas from brands like Alpha-H and AMELIORATE with potent products that genuinely work hard to transform your skin. PLUS, skincare meets haircare with a brand new launch trio from Charles Worthington that will truly improve the overall health of your hair.

The limited collection will retail at £36.00 and you'll also get 15% if you're a LiB Pro member.

You're not going to want to miss this one...

Sunday 22 August 2021

Pixi Pretties - The NEW collection for 2021

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The time has come for another Pixi Pretties collection and I think this is the one that has totally divided me! Over the years, Pixi has teamed up with some much-loved influencers to release the Pixi Pretties Collections and the latest instalment features four gorgeous makeup palettes. 

Created by Denise, Louise Roe, Promise and Tina Yong have helped co-create each of the palettes alongside Pixi's very own Petra and I can guarantee you're gonna love at least one of them. The must-have collection is available to buy now and here is what you can choose from...

Friday 20 August 2021

Five Brands NEW on my beauty shelves

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It's been a while since I shared a round-up on some brands and products I've been trying out so I've put together this handy post to dive in with what's been new on my beauty shelves. As I'm coming towards the end of my pregnancy I've been at home more so it has given me the chance to really go through what I'm using on my skin, swap out some products for some new releases and of course, give everything in this post a test run before I give you the lowdown.

I have skincare and haircare pieces to show you all of which are available to order online now or grab in-stores. 

Let me know if you spot anything you've had your eye on!

Monday 16 August 2021

Need to soothe tired, pregnant feet? You need these four products from Lush Cosmetics

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Pregnancy can be hard on the entire body but I've found with both pregnancies, it is my feet that take the brunt of it, especially towards the end. Thankfully, my feet haven't swollen like they did last time but they've still needed a little rest and recuperation in the evenings and this is where some oh so fabulous products from Lush Cosmetics have really helped. 

There have been four products that have been my go-to and I really would recommend them to any pregnant person if you need to give your tootsies a break. 

It's the perfect excuse to lay back, have a pamper and put your feet up!

Friday 13 August 2021

BITE Beauty finally arrives in the UK!

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Yes... You heard it right, BITE Beauty has finally landed on our shores and I couldn't be any more excited! Just a few weeks ago, ahead of the launch I had an all-important parcel arrive featuring some of their best selling products so I've been getting stuck in and finally experiencing the brand for myself and boy have I been impressed. 

If you're new to BITE, just like I was - lemme give you a quick background...

The brand began after a need for clean beauty that performs to their (and your) high standards. With bold, look-at-me colour and skin-loving ingredients, BITE Beauty is all about making you look and feel good with no settling necessary. Along with creating inclusive shade ranges, BITE is committed to developing formulas with super-satisfying sensorial experiences that boldly feed your senses through colour, flavour, and texture. It's quite a fascinating brand and I've really enjoyed getting to know the products. 

Wednesday 11 August 2021

Five Products from Nourish London you should try

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I've dipped in and out of Nourish London over the years but in recent months and with my skin changing during my pregnancy I paid them a little more attention and well... I should've done it years ago! If you're new to the brand, Nourish London is a British organic skincare company offering scientifically developed, highly effective, organic, vegan & cruelty-free skincare powered by ingredients from nature.

Created by Dr Pauline Hili, a renowned expert in organic skincare with over 30 years of experience, Nourish London are fuelled by a passion for innovation, they combine the highest quality natural ingredients with advanced scientific bio-actives to create award-winning organic skincare for beautiful, healthy skin. All of their naturally active products are creatively conceived and made with love at their own factory in London using only the purest, highest quality, cruelty-free ingredients at their optimum levels ensuring they care for your skin as well as for the planet.

Sunday 8 August 2021

Two NEW products you need to add to your beauty stash from Typology

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Oh hello new products from Typology! There have been a lot of new releases recently and I thought I'd pop the two latest products that have landed into my hands into this post and explain a little more about them - especially as they've fitted into my routine quite flawlessly. 

Plus, anything from Typology and I'm there, as you'll know I've spoken about Typology a few times on here and it's a brand I really enjoy using.

Created by Ning Li, the founder of, Typology is completely clean, genderless and 100% digital. The Paris-based skincare brand was founded with a mission to promote critical thinking in the personal care arena, intending to break the rules and demystify the complex industry. It's completely stripped back to basics in terms of ingredients and packaging allowing them to design and produce concentrated, natural products that are active, effective and sustainable without a bit of faff in sight.

It's just really great, faff free skincare and I adore it.

Wednesday 4 August 2021

My go-to routine for a blissful slumber

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When it comes to sleep, I've had to work quite hard to find the perfect routine for me especially since having children. At the beginning of the year, sleep evaded me due to my current pregnancy but after looking at ways I could encourage it I feel as though I'm finally coming out the other side. 

I think at times we can really underestimate how much our bodies need to rest and recuperate so implementing little ways to encourage this was exactly what I needed to enhance my physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

As a pharmacy-led health and beauty retailer, Boots was where I started on my 'get to sleep' journey so I've put together my routine within this handy blog post on what helps me to rebalance and refocus for a blissful slumber.

Monday 2 August 2021

Five Happy Things // July

I feel as though we barely touched on July - it absolutely flew by and here we are in another new month already, even closer to baby and our lives changing. We're very much in a weird lockdown but not lockdown limbo at the moment - as I'm in the later stages of pregnancy and unvaccinated it's a bit riskier for me as cases rise so we're still only dipping our toes in. If we've been out we've stayed as far away from people as we can and we're still wearing masks and being careful. 

To be honest, the mask thing will probably stick with us for some time especially on public transport. It's a shame it's viewed the way it is in western society when it's a sign of respect when ill in eastern society - anyway... that's a conversation for another day! 

We're still making the most of our smalls wins. little memories and happy moments where we can - they don't have to be a huge, momentous thing, they can be just about anything - be it a chocolate bar you treated yourself to or a long walk listening to an audiobook.

So here are five handpicked happy things from our July...
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