Wednesday 19 December 2018

Dick Whittington at Mayflower Theatre

The festivities are in full swing and with panto season upon us, it was time to head to the Mayflower Theatre for this year's pantomime, The London Palladium Production of Dick Whittington which will be gracing the stage in Southampton until January 6th. 

Dick Whittington features a whole host of familiar faces including Joe McElderry, Suzanne Shaw and my personal fave, Bobby Davro. It's fun, frolics and dirty jokes from beginning to end so us adults can enjoy the show just as much as the children and without any "what's that?" questions! 

I honestly cannot wait to take Joshua for his very first pantomime at Christmas! 

Sunday 16 December 2018

A Dose of Skincare QMS MediCosmetics

*This is a paid partnership with QMS Medicosmetics*

Skincare has always been a huge love of mine but it's something I've only started to fully understand and appreciate the last few years, since starting this blog if I'm honest. Creating a skincare routine for myself as I've got older has definitely helped and as I'm regularly told I look much younger than I am, I'm going to assume I know what I'm doing and what to look for now. 

My big skincare love is high-end skincare products, not because they necessarily work any better but more because they've usually got the budget behind them to put in real, scientific research to find and establish a thorough and useful product line to help us keep looking fresh and young despite the years ticking by. 

QMS MediCosmetics is a skincare brand I've been trying out recently although it's a little bit more than just skincare, it's a skincare revolution created by leading skincare specialist and surgeon Dr. med. Erich Schulte. The brand launched in 1986 and has come a long way in revolutionising our skincare and the way we use it. 

Dr. Schulte worked within trauma surgery in Germany, the surgery would help reconstruct the face but there would still be scarring and damage. Finding a way to re-introduce collagen would help the skin's elasticity and appearance and so he worked on a way to do just that. QMS Medicosmetics was created and this technique became the foundation of the brand leading the way for innovative skincare. The first product created was the Classic Collagen Set (£189.00), a unique set which combines Day and Night Collagen serums which contain 70% natural soluble collagens with and Exfoliant Fluid formulated with fruit acids and enzymes. 

It's like skincare I've never used before and boy oh boy, is it incredible. The Classic Collagen Set has been my go-to for some weeks and the difference is already noticeable which I think is testament to the brand the science behind the products. The products work together by helping skin ageing and improving cell regeneration. I have some scarring from menstrual acne over the years and I've already noticed a reduction in this. The Day and Night Collagen feature their innovative Neotec A15 Collagen Hyaluronic Acid and Matricine which have been specially formulated for the skin to absorb the collagen to improve moisture levels. It's all very scientific and I've read a lot about the brand, products and the way the products work to help understand the process but most importantly of all, I've seen it work on my skin and it does work. 

I'll be looking twenty one again before I know it. 

I've overhauled most aspects of my skincare routine with QMS Medicosmetics recently including using a different cleanser (although I'm still using my beloved Eve Lom alongside it). The Deep Cleansing (£36.00) emulsion is formulated with mineral oils and the soft, milky formula helps clean skin thoroughly leaving it super soft, clean and moisturised. The emulsion is so soft, I use it to remove my eye make up. I usually use micellar water but this has worked so much better and it's much softer on my eyes. The best bit? It removes everything and I mean everything! 

Paired with the Freshening Tonic (£36.00), these two products are the ultimate dream team and my skin has never looked or felt better. The tonic helps by restoring the skins ph-level after cleansing and helps protect against environmental damage. It's one of my favourite products I've tried so far, it's easy to use, fresh and leaves my skin feeling exceptionally clean. 

I love how both bottles are designed as it makes both of them really hygienic to use. Try with cotton pads, reusable makeup pads or pick up one of QMS Medicosmetics super soft pads. 

A great way to discover QMS Medicosmetics and more of their products would be by looking at the sets they have available and the one I've been using holds two incredible products that I would snap back up in a heartbeat, the hefty price tag or not. The EpiGen Anti-Pollution Duo (£175.00). The products have been inspired and created by findings in Epigenetic Science which is the way heritable changes are made in gene expression. Epigenetic change is a regular and natural occurrence but it can be influenced by a number of factors including age, environment and lifestyle which is what makes this set so great. 

The two products inside, EpiGen Pollution Rescue Overnight Mask and Epigen Daily-Detox Serum are two wonder products that help skin cells stay youthful and active for longer. The EpiGen Pollution Rescue Overnight Mask (£46.00) is a brand new product and it just pips the freshening tonic as front runner for my fave product. The Hydro Foam mask is a lightweight foam which soaks into skin leaving no stickiness or residue, it smells incredible and it's just a really great product to use.

It is enriched with silk proteins to help restore the moisture balance and plump out fine lines while the hyaluronic acid leaves skin silky soft. There's also jojoba oil to calm skin from the days activities and it even helps with sunburn although we all know we should be layering on the factor 50! 

The second product in the set is a serum and we all know how much I love a serum! The Epigen Daily-Detox Serum (£167.00) is housed in a pump-action bottle and it's been specially formulated to help skin damage caused by pollutants in the atmosphere. The serum has an incredible formulation of ingredients to help the regeneration of the epidermis, activate cellular cleaning, detox the skin and help DNA repair. It is an unbelievable product and one pump is enough for my skin each morning. My skin just feels and looks different, it's brighter and fresher and the results must be noticeable as even Arran has commented on my skin and for him to notice, something must've changed! 

We only have one skin, it's the largest living organ we have and we need to take care of it. What better way to do that than with incredible products that are proven to work. QMS Medicosmetics is the skincare brand you need to be looking at to keep your skin happy.

This is a paid partnership with QMS Medicosmetics, all products have been provided so I could try the brand fully before sharing my thoughts - see disclaimer for more information.

Friday 14 December 2018

Joshua's Christmas Eve Box

A Christmas Eve Box seems like a relatively new tradition to many but I adore the idea of them and couldn't wait to create Joshua's very first box. For our very first Christmas as a family of three, one of our best friends created a Christmas Eve box for us full of yummy treats, hot chocolate and a Christmas film so we wanted to carry that on ourselves. 

We've always bought new Christmas pyjamas, lots of tasty Christmas food and stuck a Christmas movie on so the box isn't too different to what we do anyway, just with some extra treats for Joshua and of course a letter from Father Christmas. 

Wednesday 12 December 2018

New in my beauty cupboard

I think the most exciting thing about calling this my job is being able to try lots of new in beauty pieces. Beauty blogging has always been my first love and if that means trying numerous new lipsticks each month then I'm happy to take one for the team... Aren't I good eh?! 

I've been trialling lots of new bits recently and so I'm sharing five brands and a range of products that have made it into my permanent stash. 

Monday 10 December 2018

The December Birchbox

Twinkle into the festive season this December with the sparkly new December Birchbox! I've always been a fan of a beauty box or two but Birchbox have been the one box I get every month without fail and have done for the last four years. It's a nice little treat at the beginning of the month full of new beauty pieces to try and this month's even had a helping of Hotel Chocolat and a yummy discount code for something sweet. 

The box this month is beautiful, a dark blue glitter adorned with gold stars, much like the night sky and perfectly festive for the time of year.
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