Sunday 28 August 2022

Discover Princess Cruises' NEW Theatre Show Spotlight Bar

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A few days ago I stepped onboard Princess Cruises' Enchanted Princess to experience their brand-new theatre production Spotlight Bar and oh what a treat it was. Southampton was drenched in sunshine, the skies were blue and it was the perfect day to step onboard for the day. I haven't been on a Princess Cruises ship since 2019 so it was such a joy to see everyone again and explore the glorious Enchanted Princess - one I haven't experienced before. 

Enchanted Princess officially joined the fleet in September 2020 after the pandemic had an impact on her delivery. Princess inaugurated the ship's operations on 10th November 2021 which is when she set sail on her maiden voyage and this summer season she's been sailing from Southampton which made it perfect for us to hop on for the day during a turnaround. 

Sunday 21 August 2022

3 Products you must try from Ole Henrikson

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I have a lot of love for Ole Henriksen - the brand outlook is inspiring, the zest for their products is unbeatable and having spent a virtual evening with Ole Henriksen himself last year I couldn't wait to share more.

With an effervescent optimism for life that allows you to glow from the inside out, the Ole Henriksen skincare collection is built on a product philosophy of exfoliating, treating and soothing, which originated in Ole's Beverly Hills spa helping to bring transformative results to clients all over the world.

Each product in the line from easy daily regimens to professional-strength systems combines potent actives, natural botanicals and essential fatty acids which are then colour-coded making it super easy to decide on what range would be best for your skin.

In this post, I'll focus on three new products to me, I'm usually a Truth Collection kinda gal so it's been fun to experiment the last few months. 

Wednesday 17 August 2022

Paul & Joe Beauté Products to Look Out For

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Paul and Joe is a beauty favourite of mine - it's fun and flirty and each beauty release is a collector's dream. For this summer,  which ties in nicely with the brand's 20th anniversary - a gorgeous set of new lipsticks was released alongside the new matte pressed powered adorned with Paul & Joe's designer's cat, Gipsy. 

It's dreamy and just what you'd expect from Paul & Joe Beauty which was launched by Sophie Mechaly in 2002, following the success of her fashion line by the same name. The limited-edition collection features a host of limited-edition beauty bits such as lipsticks, lipstick cases and a special edition Gipsy makeup pouch.

Sunday 14 August 2022

A Day out with Thomas at The Watercress Line

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We've been looking forward to A Day out with Thomas all year and couldn't wait to take the four-year-old back to The Watercress Line. We first visited in 2019 and it was that visit that really sparked his interest in trains - it has been wonderful watching his passion grow over the years, I just knew we would have the best day.

The Watercress Line holds a number of events throughout the year at their heritage railway line and A Day out with Thomas is one of their most popular. It runs twice yearly during the Easter and Summer holidays so if you miss one, you can always catch the other.

Thomas the Tank Engine is such a classic, wholesome character that has been a hit with many for generations so I knew we'd have a wonderful time but the day totally surpassed my expectations once again.

I was a huge Thomas fan when I was younger just as J is now so it felt really special and quite nostalgic to be able to take my own son to see such a loved character. As we're based in Southampton, it's a pretty easy journey up to the line - we parked in Ropley this time as the bulk of the activities were all taking place there. Parking is free and just a five-minute walk up a country lane to the station. 

Sunday 7 August 2022

Five Happy Things // July 2022

Summer has well and truly sprung with gorgeous blue skies, temperatures in the mid-twenties and plenty of fun in the sun to be had. July felt like such a big month for us - our son finished preschool for the last time, our daughter's first birthday was fast approaching, and there were job and some life changes too. 

I felt a lot of pressure to make this summer the best yet, especially with the four-year-old starting school in September and while we had day outs we mostly stayed home with plenty of picnics, play trips and paddling pool days to fill our time. 

Here's an insight into our July - there's been fun, family and friends plus plenty of memories made.
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