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Blogging is my job so there are a variety of ways I make an income from my blog and what I share. That doesn't mean anything will change and I'll be 100% transparent when I am sharing work I've been paid for so no different than usual. Here is a really easy breakdown of what to look out for and what it all means in accordance to ASA & CMA guidelines.

Blog posts that I have been paid to write will always state Paid Partnership with ____ at the very beginning of the post under the first image with a link to my disclaimer page. 

Social Media posts will always have [AD] at the beginning of the caption on Instagram or Facebook as well as [AD] at the start of every tweet. Where I am able to use the paid partnership tool such as on Instagram and Facebook I will include that.

Affiliate Links are something I occasionally use within blog posts when linking products, it doesn't cost you a penny by clicking on them but I will just make a few pence if you do. These will always be declared as an affiliate so you know EXACTLY what they are, any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Gifted Items/Trips/Experiences are something I regularly share and I will always fully disclose this within blog posts and/or social media posts by stating exactly what it is, who the relationship is with and why I'm sharing it. 

Some more bits...

All images on Alice Anne have been taken by myself unless stated otherwise and therefore the copyright stays with me.
I do not use follow links on my blog. All links to gifted items, sponsored posts or affiliates will be no-follow links so please bear this in mind when contacting me.
I do not share paid for guest blogs on my blog for the purpose of SEO building.
I will only accept products from brands I am genuinely interested in and will use. Whether the product is gifted or not, my opinion will always be honest.
Gifted product does not always guarantee exposure or a review. If you require a post for the product please contact me beforehand. 

If you would like to work with me, please email alicespake@gmail.com to request my media kit.
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