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Introducing Typology Skincare as it finally hits the UK

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I haven't been overly excited about a new skincare launch for a while but then Typology came along and blew everything out of the water. I've had eight weeks to fully get to grips with the brand before they officially launched in the UK at the beginning of May and boy are they one to have on your radar! 

Created by Ning Li, the founder of, Typology is completely clean, genderless and 100% digital. The Paris-based skincare brand was founded with a mission to promote critical thinking in the personal care arena, intending to break the rules and demystify the complex industry. It's completely stripped back to basics in terms of ingredients and packaging allowing them to design and produce concentrated, natural products that are active, effective and sustainable without a bit of faff in sight. 

It's completely refreshing and I've been completely blown away. is really about the integrity of the ingredients. The entire cosmetics industry today is founded on some sort of promises — anti-ageing cream being the obvious example. No-one really believes in anti-ageing cream, but somehow it’s a marketing code that’s been used for many years and keeps working. But we believe that young customers are so much more informed than the previous generation. If a brand wants to talk to them, it has to talk about something that really works, rather than sharing bullshit marketing messages. So in our case, we try to use the best natural and organic ingredients, use recycled and recyclable packaging, and describe our products in a much more functional language, with no incredible promises.
Typology Founder Ning Li

When I was first contacted by Typology, the first thing that drew me in was the packaging. Sure, I enjoy gorgeous packaging and beautiful bottles sometimes but really my love lies in simplistic, clean packaging and for me, Typology completely nails it. 

The brand favours recyclable materials and has opted for the most environmentally friendly transport solutions, ensuring the most sustainable approach is always used. The packaging is key for them and all products have been thoughtfully designed to fit in boxes that can be posted through the customer's letterboxes to create a smaller carbon footprint.

When it comes to the products, the smaller bottles are made of glass and the larger of recyclable plastic - to reduce transport weight. Aluminium is used for all tubes as it's the only material that can be continuously recycled without degrading itself or the product. As a brand, Typology is also looking at new ways to eliminate the use of plastic. Encouraging customers to reuse the product's packaging, the brand is working to put a process in place that will aim to recover all packaging to be disinfected, re-filled and reused too.

Typology is vegan, cruelty-free and formulated without ingredients such as sulfates, silicones and parabens. They also have a list of fifteen ingredients on their Ingredient Blacklist that you'll never find in any of their products - making it the easiest way to avoid certain ingredients. 

They've partnered with some of the best experts and laboratories in France to study what makes skincare really effective, taking out what you don't need to leave space for the stuff that really works. Some of the best skin care on the market originates from the home of French pharmacies so I feel as though I can put a lot of trust within Typology. 

Their philosophy is nature first, clinical when needed and clean as a given which I love and when there is a natural alternative to a synthetic solution, they'll use it making all of Typology's products a minimum 80% natural origin. 

It seems as though Typology really have thought of everything. 

When it came to finding the right products for my own skin, I was given a prescription card which included my skin characteristics, my diagnosis and a routine for AM/PM. I was matched with seven products including the 9-Ingredient Lip Balm (£9.80) which has been my go-to daily for the last eight weeks. 

The lip balm contains Shea Butter which offers anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties, Sunflower Seed Oil which protects against free radicals, Vitamin E an anti-oxidant which prevents the combination going rancid and Lemon Extract to offer a cooling, refreshing effect upon application. I really do love the way this makes my lips feel but the only downside is that you need to work the tube a little before application as the balm tends to separate and release a clear liquid before the product - a bit like if you don't shake a ketchup bottle enough before using but don't let that put you off, it's a fab little product. 

The Solid Soothing Cleansing Bar (£11.80) is another firm favourite although I desperately need a soap dish as I fear this is gonna be ruined by just leaving on the side - eek! I use a lot of naked products so this has slotted in rather well. It contains Coconut, Olive and Sunflower Botanical Oils and Shea Butter so it's a bloody lovely treat for the skin and it makes my skin feel so clean and refreshed. 

It would make a great starter product for you to try.

From cleansing bars and cleansing oils to toners. botanical oils and more - there is quite the selection. The Niacinamide 7% Soothing Toner (£17.80) has been quite the game changer for me. It's concentrated in active ingredients to soothe redness and inflammation, reduce imperfections and balance the complexion. Our skin is naturally acidic and everyday life and other products we use can disturb our pH balance so something like this helps to rebalance that. 

The three key active ingredients are Niacinamide, Centofilia Rose Hydrolate and Probiotic. There are two forms of Vitamin B3, Niacin and Niacinamide which is the form found within this toner. Niacinamide improves the skin barrier as well as accelerating the skin's healing process. Thanks to its potent anti-inflammatory effects, Niacinamide is an ideal treatment to improve the overall complexion of sensitive skin types and it has worked a charm on my old scarring. 

Centifolia Rose Hydrolate, known as the rose with a hundred leaves, is an incredibly soothing addition to the toner. Hydrolates are often referred to as floral water and are known as a more delicate essential oil but don't let that fool you, they're just as effective. Hydrolates are seen as waste material and is formed during the process of making essential oils so to see Typology use them how they should be used just reaffirms their stance on natural products and minimal waste for me. 

Lastly is Probiotic (Lactococcus Ferment Lysate) which is obtained by biotechnology from a potent strain of lactic acid bacteria called Lactococcus Lactis, this probiotic ingredient helps maintain a healthy skin flora and protect the skin. It also promotes skin renewal for a restored, youthful complexion.

Quite a toner eh?

A highlight from Typology for me has to be their serums - I love serums, I'm a sucker for targeted skincare and the LAB serums by Typology are highly-concentrated in active ingredients that enable you to treat your skin concerns effectively. With a deeply-penetrating texture, your serum of choice can be applied before your moisturiser onto clean skin.

The Squalane Serum (£11.80) is a dream for dry skin, something I've only suffered with since having my son. It's 100% naturally derived and concentrated in potent active ingredients that nourish dry skin and reduces tightness as well as fine lines due to dehydration. 

Derived from olives, squalane has a structure that's very similar to the skin which helps it deeply penetrate the skin and offer nourishing benefits. Non-greasy, each application softens the skin, fights skin dryness, and helps repair the skin's protective hydrolipidic film barrier. Squalane can also retain hydration and reduce the feeling of tightness that's typically caused by dry skin. My only gripe is the packaging, I adore the clean, sleek bottles but the size also means the pipette is tiny so you don't get enough product (3-4 drops) for a full application on the first go. 

The Hyaluronic Acid Serum (£11.80) is a brilliant serum and one I've used a lot over the years. Derived from fermented wheat, this molecule is known for its highly hydrating properties. It can retain up to a thousand times its weight in water, making it an ideal skincare ingredient for instant hydration. As we age, our bodies produce significantly less hyaluronic acid, causing dryness that leads to the appearance of the fine lines on the skin's surface. The daily use of deeply-hydrating hyaluronic acid restores moisture to the skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines, and creates a complexion that’s noticeably more supple, plump, and toned.

You can shop the serums by skincare complaint and I already have my sights set on the Radiance Serum.

If you hadn't guessed already, I've fallen a little in love with Typology - from the products and ingredients to the sleek, clean-cut packaging and the focus on sustainability, it's everything I like to look for in a brand and to be honest, our love affair has only just started. 

Over the last eight weeks, I've loved using each of the products, the cleansing bar, serums and lip balm especially but one thing that really requires a special mention are the Eaux de Parfums. The fragrances are beautifully captivating, can be layered with others and features a collection of scents like nothing I've come across before. The bottles are gorgeously sleek, the fragrances are naturally derived and vegan and the prices really reasonable. I have Jasmin & Neroli in my basket as we speak with Pamplemousse Petitgrain closely following it - I haven't used anything but these two for weeks. 

Typology have well and truly stamped their mark on me, I think it will for you too. It's the ideal starting point for anyone that wants a more effective and targeted skincare routine while still being exceptionally conscious to the world around you. 

It's going to be big and I'm excited for the ride - but most importantly, what do you think?

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