Friday 29 September 2017

Why you need Havaianas

If there was one thing I was never quite prepared for when it came to pregnancy, it was how swollen my feet would be. I knew they would swell up a little thanks to water retention and the hot weather but I did not anticipate not being able to wear ANY of my shoes and I mean any. If I was going to have to wear flip flops, I was going to do so with style and so Havaianas came to the rescue. 

When I lived in Spain, there were Havaianas boutiques everywhere and my mum has sworn by hers for over ten years, same pair too! We have a Havaianas pop-up in West Quay so after one particular day just got too much, I waddled down and bought my very first pair. I bought the slim, black design knowing they would go with so much and they've barely been off my feet since, come rain or shine. 

Havaianas recently sent a bundle of footwear goodies to see me through the end of my pregnancy and my little, swollen feet have never been happier. Plus, now I have colour options! I've already packed a pair of the slim flip flops in My Hospital Bag and I also have two pairs of the printed flip flips with a white and beige logo band. 

I'm sure there's loads of people that might think £20+ for flip flops is a bit much but if you think about cost per wear, you're saving yourself £££. I've worn my slim black flip flops every day since May and they still look as good as new, they're worth every pound to me. As well as flip flops, Havaianas also sell pretty sandals, espadrilles and wellies! They also sent me one of their much sought after flip flop lilos and I cannot wait to use it next year on holiday. 

They're the footwear choice for women around the world and I can totally see why, I can't believe I've waited this long to finally buy a pair. Have you worn Havaianas before? 

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