Sunday, 17 September 2017

What's in My Hospital Bag

A few weeks ago I shared What's in Baby's Hospital Bag as when looking for posts like this myself, I would've preferred them separately so that's exactly what I've done. Today, I have What's in My Hospital Bag, think snacks, toiletries and lots of breast pads. While looking for advice myself, I found a lot of help on the We Made A Baby blog which quickly became my life saver so here is exactly what we've packed inside my bag ready for that hospital visit!

I was in two minds about using a mini suitcase or a hand held holdall, which is what I finally settled on. I found this in TK Maxx for £14.99 and as I had vouchers left over from My Baby Shower decorations, it made sense. It's really roomy with various pockets and straps for snacks and portable chargers. Now that everything is packed away and Arran knows exactly where to reach for things, this is what I packed inside my hospital bag:

    For Me
  • Maternity notes & birth plan
  • Maternity pads
  • Breast pads
  • Disposable pants 
  • Large, black knickers
  • Carrier bags (for anything dirty)
  • Antibacterial gel
  • Nursing bra from Bravado
  • Light dressing gown 
  • Socks/slippers
  • Nursing vest tops x3
  • Comfy Pyjama bottoms x2
  • Comfy sports bra
  • Nighties x2
  • Havaianas Flip Flops
  • Going home clothes

  • Lipbalm 
  • Face wipes
  • Hair bands
  • Tangle Teezer/Brush
  • Mama Mio face spray
  • Moisturiser (dry skin problems)
  • Deodorant 
  • Body wash
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Arnica tablets
  • Mama Mio Labour Kit
I've also packed Lucozade and snacks, mainly jelly babies, Trek bars and jaffa cakes although I will be stashing some Dairy Milk in there too. The hospital I'll be giving birth in as an M&S Food opposite so extra supplies are well within reach for both of us as we can't forget snacks for the mister too! We also have phone chargers, cameras, a Kindle for those long waits. 

If you think I've missed something off that may come in helpful, let me know!

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  1. This is a lovely bag for the hospital. My sister in law took a small suitcase with her and although it had everything they needed it seemed a bit too bulky when they were backwards and forwards between the hospital for a few days

    Mel ★

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping it comes in handy, in the future too! xx

  2. I find these posts really useful to start thinking of what I am going to pack. Carrier bags for anything dirty is a good shout - as well as jelly babies and energy drinks!

    1. Thanks lovely! The carrier bag idea is such a good one and one I never even thought to pack at first xx

  3. I read so many of these sort of posts before I went in to have Harrison but I never bloody used half of the stuff! Amen for the snacks, this is one thing I wish I'd brought!

    1. I keep thinking that I'll barely use the stuff, well apart from the Jaffa Cakes! xx

  4. Jelly babies are a must! I packed so much I didn't need and didn't pack the things that I did!

    1. I probably won't use half of it haha definitely the snacks though xx

  5. Thank you for this Alice! I'm in a right pickle of what to pack. I also don't know 'when' I should pack it?!
    I have something that you haven't written on your list, which you might have packed anyway, a bath towel for yourself! Preferably a black one (to hide all those gross new stains your body will be making... glamorous)
    Much love, Caitylis x x


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