Monday 2 October 2017

Mothercare Baby Clothes Haul

Aren't baby clothes just the cutest? I've been so, so good on the buying front so far as we've been given so many lovely pieces so other than boring old vests, I haven't bought much at all! So with a gift voucher in hand and the Mothercare sale starting, I made a big ol' order of baby clothes! 

After My Baby Shower we went through everything we had and made a list of what was left to get and it turned out we had zero newborn clothes. With the voucher, we made the decision to just order a load of newborn and 0-1M vests, sleepsuits and baby leggings so we had every base covered. You watch the little tyke come out the size of a toddler now I've bought all these adorable clothes!

The essentials I bought were plain white vests and long sleeved vests as we're having an Autumn bubba as well as cream, organic vests as they were in the sale and adorable. I assume the benefit of them being organic is completely irrelevant, it sounds a little wishy washy doesn't it? I can just hear the cries of "Well, my baby wears organic vests". Ha. Mothercare vests are such good quality and they've all washed really well too! I also picked up a five pack, of colour trimmed flannels for £6.00 to go on the Easi Peasi Changing Table.

Everything else I bought were either little outfits, baby leggings or sleepsuits in newborn or 0-1M. I forgot to photograph the bear outfit but that and the Roar top and bottoms from the My K Collection are probably my favourite pieces and I hope he fits in them as they're adorable. I love the Wake Up alarm clock vest too as he will essentially be our alarm clock. The only other thing I  bought which weren't clothes was Edward Elephant for his pushchair, we have a bit of a duck and elephant theme going on so I couldn't resist this little guy.

Hopefully you'll be seeing little man in some of these clothes very soon! Where would you recommend for baby clothes?

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