Wednesday 20 September 2017

Introducing Formula 10.0.6 Skincare

I love discovering new skincare brands and the latest bundle to fall in my lap is from Formula 10.0.6, designed for troublesome skin. The range was founded by a chemist in 1933 using natural ingredients to help formulate a skincare routine especially for your skin and any concerns you may have. Now available in Boots and on Asos the range is even easier to get a hold of.

I've been using four of the products through the summer as my pregnancy has really affected my skin and its appearance so it was the perfect time to see if the products help clear it up. Firstly, how fab is the packaging? I love how fun and bright each of the products are. Each of them have so much detail on the product such as what is is for and the ingredients which I love, I'm not a fan of hunting what is inside what I'm using. I've been using all of the following:

So Totally Clean Deep Pore Cleanser £8.99 
Deep pore cleansers always makes me think of heavy duty cleaner, thankfully this is a lot softer to skin and really does leave a much cleaner feeling. I use this with a cotton pad to wipe away any grim before following up with the foaming cleanser so I know my skin is super clean. You don't have to use the two products together, that's just what I've done and I noticed a clearing within my skin after a few weeks. 

Best Face Forward Daily Foaming Cleanser £8.99
I'm not usually a fan of foaming cleansers as I find they dry out my skin but I didn't notice it as much with this. The cleanser helps balance skin and keep oil under control without leaving skin dry or tight. I was pleasantly surprised with this, the foam felt really soft against my skin and very gentle. I tend to use this after the deep pore cleanser to keep my skin really clean.

Three Times Sublime Blackhead Remover £8.99
This is probably my favourite product of the four, anything that effectively shifts blackheads is a winning product for me. It's a cleanser, scrub and mask all in one and the other half has been stealing it too, so it's a hit all round. It contains pink grapefruit which helps cleanse while the jojoba beads exfoliates leaving my skin squeaky clean and my nose looking blackhead free.  

Picture Perfect Day Daily Moisturiser £8.99
Lastly, the day cream! The squeezy tube makes it much more hygienic to use, I just squeeze, dot on to skin then massage in. The lightweight, cooling formula moisturises and soothes skin as well as containing UVA/UVB protection. I find that it sinks into skin meaning my makeup doesn't slide on top if I'm wearing any with it. I was pleasantly surprised with this cream as my skin just feels soft, smooth and hydrated after use, it's a good sized tube too! 

Having a thorough routine really has made all the difference to my skin over the last few months. I do add in a couple of extra steps at night time as I love facial oils and luxurious night creams but for an every day, day time routine Formula 10.0.6 have really surprised me. Have you ever tried this brand before? What did you think?

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