Sunday 24 September 2017

Pregnancy Diary 36-38 Weeks

I've had a pretty eventful two weeks with my big old bump filled with lunch dates, coffee dates, shopping dates and a horrible incident with a bus driver. Splodge is now the size of a Pomeranian and kicking away making me a little uncomfortable with the odd rib jab. Nothing that a quick push back doesn't fix though. 

We're all sorted now so we're just sat waiting or at least that is how it feels. I've had a couple of twinges and signs but I'm not hoping it's anything just yet, we're looking at it as though we technically have up to four weeks left and if he comes, he comes. I would really like some baby cuddles now though. This weekend has been spent putting some final boxes in the loft, building the pushchair oh and baking a cake! Getting some inspo from GBBO.

After such a lovely week, seeing friends and just enjoying the time I have left as me the weekend took a shitty turn. Throughout my pregnancy I have been complaining to our local bus company, First Bus about the lack of passenger safety on their buses and how drivers just do not wait until you've sat down to drive off. I have nearly gone flying many a time and the concerns just fall on deaf ears. Last weekend, I did end up hurting myself followed by being verbally abused by an aggressive driver. This also then resulted in having to go into hospital to be monitored due to reduced movements. This has been reported but I'm not holding my breath over a result to this any time soon. 

After spending last Monday morning in hospital, I'm feeling much better. Baby was fine and as soon as I was strapped up he started moving around. He hates the monitor and it took Arran, the midwife and I a good hour taking turns holding it before finally getting a full heartbeat trace to check he was okay. We're clearly going to have a major fidget on our hands! 

I also had my 38 week midwife appointment last week. Baby is still in position and ready to go, measuring bang on and with his bum in the air, well under my ribs actually. If I lean back in a certain way his bum pokes out, it's interesting and really creepy at the same time. My 40 week appointment is booked in but I'm hoping he's here before so if you need me, I'll be eating curry, pineapple, dates and anything else that apparently brings on labour. We're so, so excited!

Pretty pink maternity pyjamas were sent by Next - see disclaimer.
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