Monday 11 September 2017

The Easiest Way to Thicker Hair

Summer can play havoc on your locks, after all that sun, sea and sand it can be left feeling pretty dry and flat so when the temperature drops it's time to give some tender, loving care before the freezing cold winter takes hold and does its damage too. I've been turning to Aveda recently when it comes to my hair and there's one styling product I think you'll love when it comes to caring for your post summer hair...

I always forget about my hair until the last moment, I love Autumn but those brisk mornings soon start to take a hold of my hair. My hair becomes dryer and a bit flat so I always look for something to give it back some body and some life again. Aveda have been around since 1978, using the art and science of pure flower and plant essences within their products. Their plant based products and natural aromas help nourish hair when it really needs it most and they have a range of products available for every hair complaint imaginable so I'm sure you can understand why I'm a fan.

The product I've added to my hair shelf is the Aveda Thickening Tonic which is one of their best selling products. A cult product designed for all hair types, the spray helps instantly plump each strand of hair from roots to tips without heat activation. It smells pretty fab too, I do love a good smelling hair product!

The tonic is powered by a 97% naturally derived formula including Amla which works to instantly thicken while acacia Gum is used as it is proven to be a lightweight thickening agent meaning your hair doesn't feel weighed down. Lastly, the wheat protein is for heat protection when using those appliances we all love. I'm looking at you, GHD.

When using the tonic, I just spritz over damp hair from roots to tips before allowing my hair to dry naturally. Once it's almost dry, I just give my hair a quick shake and voila, happy, healthy and full bodied hair. I'm so intrigued to see how this works for postpartum hair loss and if it'll help give my hair the extra boost it will no doubt need. It's a great grab and go product because you don't need to do any styling with it. I have pretty thick hair and I've still noticed an improvement since using the tonic. It's my favourite new addition.

The Thickening Tonic retails at £21.00 and is available online and from Aveda counters. If you're struggling with dull locks that need a boost then make this your go to product!

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