Thursday 27 October 2016

The Perfect Night In

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If there is one thing I like doing as the evenings get colder, it's getting cosy and watching films with the mister. We're both fans of streaming movies or tv boxsets and have subscriptions to Netflix and Now TV to make it easier for us to do so. 

To really get us in the movie night mood, we were sent through the ultimate movie night kit with lots of treats, fluffy socks and three movie classics we've never watched before. Contact Numbers have recently written a blog post on the best films and boxsets to watch so with that information we found a couple films perfect for an Autumn snuggle sesh as well as some tv boxsets to enjoy. 

Harry Potter Boxset -
I have a huge confession to make, I watched Harry Potter for the first time a couple of months ago and now I'm obsessed. I've watched all eight movies, three times in the last couple of months and I'm madly in love with it. They're the perfect films for a cosy night in and I've enjoyed spending so much time with Arran watching them too. 

Sisters - 
I went to see this at the cinema with my sister and three of my cousins and spent the whole movie laughing and stuffing popcorn in my mouth. I'm so glad we can finally stream this as I'm dying for Arran to watch it too. It's such a feel good comedy with lots of laugh out loud moments. 

Peaky Blinders - 
I have spoken of my love of Peaky Blinders on here before because it is frigging incredible. I love films and tv shows set in the early 1900's because I'm a bit history obsessed so Peaky Blinders was right up my street. Set after the first world war, it follows gangsters on the lawless streets of Birmingham. It's rough, gritty and full of turns you wouldn't expect. 

Sons of Anarchy -
SOA is a series I really wasn't sure of, especially after the first two episodes but I stuck with it and I'm so glad I did. Based on an outlaw motorcycle club, this has everything from guns and drugs to gang wars and Jax Teller. There are some incredibly gruesome parts in this seven season show but nothing that a quick duck behind a pillow won't fix. The final episode was done perfectly and there has since been talks of a spin off based on The Mayans which I'm excited for.

What are your favourite films and tv shows to watch? 

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