Wednesday 5 October 2016

The Ultimate at Home Spa

If you read my previous post on The Good Spa Guide then you would already know about the Spa Beauty chats that had been taking place on Twitter and a couple of weeks ago saw the second one take place with the lovely guys at The Good Spa Guide.

The Good Spa Guide specialises in picking out the best spas and treatments so you get the most relaxing experience for the best money. The website is an encyclopedia of hotels and spas, helping you pick the best of the best whatever your budget. Spa breaks can be pretty pricey and occasionally if you shop around for the cheapest, you end up with a pretty rubbish day so in preparation for the Twitter chat I was sent a bundle of goodies to enable me to create the ultimate at home spa as well as some loose tea to completely relax me.

Inside my box of spa worthy goodness were products from Temple Spa, Aromatherapy Associates, Comfort Zone and more so I was fully prepped for the perfect pamper evening. With a cup of black chai brewing, I ran myself a hot bath with the Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax bath oil while I applied the Temple Spa Skin Truffle to my skin. The gold face mask gives skin, instant radiance and lustre, making your complexion practically glow. It's incredible and smells gorgeous too! 

After removing the mask and having climbed out the best bath I've had in some time I got to work with some of the skincare that was sent. The Nimue Hydrating Serum made my skin feel so lovely and paired up with the Comfort Zone Renight Oil Cream before I went to bed, I woke up with baby soft skin. Pamper evenings should be every evening! 

Did you catch the Spa Beauty chat? What are your top spa tips?

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