Friday, 21 October 2016

The Ultimate Basics by Urban Decay

You should all know my love of Urban Decay Cosmetics by now so you can imagine the happy tears when the Naked Ultimate Basics (RRP £38.50) dropped this month. This is the palette we've all been waiting for, twelve beautiful shades set in the most stunning, rose gold packaging. If you already have the Naked Basics 1 and 2 and think you don't need this then you're mistaken. It really is the ultimate basics and it deserves pride of place on every beauty addicts dresser.

I, too thought I didn't need it but that gorgeous burnt orange shade just kept screaming my name and all of a sudden I was sold. Urban Decay really do have my heart. The original Naked Basics was released six years ago with the second instalment making its way on to the makeup scene a few years ago. The Ultimate Basics is the one we've all been waiting for and with twelve all new shades, it's a palette you don't want to miss from your makeup collection. 

Unlike most other Naked palettes, the Ultimate Basics is set in a square palette in gorgeous rose gold packaging. As you open the palette, you'll find a full size mirror which is one of my favourite things about this and a small double ended brush of the same quality all their brushes carry. The palette is not too big or bulky and stores away easily. Although it's so pretty I think I'll be leaving mine out on show.

The neutral palette contains a mix of cool and warm matte shades with a token shimmer chucked in for good measure. Urban Decay promise that the range of shades will suit any skin tone, with them all containing their legendary Pigment Infusion System which delivers a rich colour, velvet texture and incredible lasting power. I've used matte shades for years and I'm pretty familiar with Urban Decay's but these seem different to me as each of the shades in this palette, feel softer, smoother and easier to blend. All the shade information is as follows:

  • Blow - light nude demi matte
  • Nudie - soft pink-nude matte
  • Commando - light taupe- brown matte
  • Tempted - pale brown matte 
  • Instinct - medium pink-taupe matte 
  • Lethal - reddish brown matte 
  • Pre-Game - pale yellow matte
  • Extra Bitter - burnt orange matte 
  • Faith - medium warm brown matte 
  • Lockout - rich neutral brown matte 
  • Magnet - smoky grey matte
  • Blakcjack - warm black matte

This is the first palette I've opened in some time in which I will use every single shade. I usually find there is always two or three I never touch but I won't have to worry with this babe. Extra Bitter, Faith and Lockout have been the three I've reached for with my blending brush the most but in the last week I have been able to try them all out and I'm starting a love affair with this rose gold beauty. The shades really are as beautiful as they look and as always last the test of time. It's why I love Urban Decay so much. You'd be crazy not to put this on your Christmas wishlist.

Have you managed to get your hands on the Ultimate Basics yet? What do you think of it?

Features press sample - see disclaimer.


  1. I have been eyeing this palette since it come out! I am one of those weird people where I have to collect one of everything, so I have all of the other Naked palettes making my collection incomplete haha. I have seen nothing but amazing reviews for this palette which just makes me want/need it even more!....Payday is in a few days. -xo

    1. You need it. I'm completely the same when it comes to collections haha it gets very costly though xx

  2. This Palette is STUNNING! I have been dying to get my hands on it! Gorgeous photos - Georgie As You Wish UK xxx

  3. This palette has such perfect complimentary shades! I may need to add this to my wishlist!

    Georgia | The Weekend Attic

    1. There is not one that I wouldn't use, definitely worth the splurge xx

  4. Stunning colours! Amazing packaging too - I may have to give this a try. That orangey shade is gorgeous too...

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

  5. This palette is at the top of my Christmas list this year. I think I would you every shade too. UD shadows are some of the best quality ones I own, along with my Makeup Geek ones.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

    1. They're my favourite to use. I barely reach for my pro palette now xx

  6. AHHH that palette is sooo stunning!

    Sophie x

  7. This palette is stunning. I'm giving one away on my blog right now and I am so tempted to buy another one to keep for myself haha

    Creepers & Cupcakes

    1. How can you give one away and not get one yourself?! xx


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