Thursday 3 November 2016

The £5.50 MAC Cosmetics Diva Dupe

Diva is one of the most popular lipsticks to wear when it comes to your perfect berry toned shade but we don't all have nearly £16 to drop on a lipstick and it appeared I had a Diva dupe sitting in my collection all along. After having a rummage, I found one that you can buy in Boots and still have change for a meal deal from a tenner.

(Top is Paparazzi, bottom is Diva.)

I do love MAC Cosmetics lipsticks but they can get pricey, especially with the yearly price hikes so after getting fed up with paying more, I started branching out like a true lipstick addict. Sleek Makeup have been killing it this year on the makeup front and the ever popular range called Lip VIP have become a fast favourite, with me mentioning that they're better than MAC Cosmetics on a few occasions.

The Lip VIP range consists of semi matte lipsticks, so think MAC Cosmetics Matte and Satin formulas mixed together. You get lusciously velvet lips with a gorgeous pop of colour for an absolute bargain of a price. They're also incredibly long lasting just like the matte formula of MAC Cosmetics. 

The shade Paparazzi is a sultry berry which is a pretty spot on dupe for Diva. Although Paparazzi looks darker in the tube it applies a shade almost identical to Diva. I find the Sleek version more comfortable on  my lips thanks to its moisturising properties and the staying power is just as amazing if not more so than the MAC matte formula. If you're in the market for a new berry shade then push Paparazzi to the top of your list. 

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