Sunday 2 October 2016

Little Barn Apothecary Skincare

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I love trying out new skincare and one brand I've been reaching for a lot recently is Little Barn Apothecary which is available through Audreystyle. Little Barn Apothecary was founded in 2015 and the creators aim was to have a line of skincare that was made with simple formulations with unique aromas, natural exfoliants and luxury textures for skin. All the ingredients they use are organic and they're each made in small batches by hand, they're also cruelty free so fab for bunnies and our skin!

I've been using three of their products the last few months, the face serum, foaming face cleanser and the face oil and my skin has been lapping them up. 

Orchid & Blackcurrant Face Serum £34.00
I love using serums and this one aims to revive skin instantly which is what I like to hear. It uses potent orchid extract known to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and humectant to moisturise, sooth and condition skin. The Blackcurrant seed oil works well on inflammed skin, helps prevent anti-aging and because it's rich in essential fatty acids, it also helps reduce wrinkles and repair tissue damage. It's skin food in a bottle. I use this at night and it leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and bright when I wake up. It also smells so good, extremely natural and exactly what I want to be putting on my face.  

Charcoal & Aloe Foaming Face Cleanser £16.00
I wasn't sure on this at first as I thought it smelt a bit like Sambuca but after getting over the initial scent, I started to love this. I've found foaming cleansers to be harsh on my skin in the past but this was lovely, creating a silky foam to help remove the days dirt and grime. Thanks to the charcoal, it draws out impurities and prevents breakouts while the aloe acts as a moisturiser to keep skin smooth and firm. I use just two pumps of this with a muslin cloth or my Magnitone and my complexion is looking really great again. 

Lavender & Frankincense Face Oil £14.00
This has to be my favourite of the three products purely on its scent alone, it's pretty special. Thanks to the lavender I find it really fab to use before bed as it completely relaxes me. I always use facial oils in my skincare routine because it actually helps combat oily skin and since using various ones over the last year I've noticed such a difference in the oiliness of my skin. The rich facial oil is loaded full of skin loving ingredients and is designed for all skin types. It absorbs into skin quickly without leaving an oil feel and my complexion looks so much healthier since using it. It's a fab little product. 

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