Saturday 8 October 2016

10 Things That Happen When You Get Engaged

I thought as I wouldn't be sharing any wedding posts for a while as our planning is currently on halt, I'd share something a little different. Having now been engaged for four months, I knew this would be perfect. We've basked in the hazy, just got engaged period, we've held our engagement party with our nearest and dearest and I have a stack of wedding magazines in our room so I feel pretty equipped to write this now. We're also viewing our wedding venue today so it felt pretty apt!

The Big Sparkler
I'm not a jewellery person, I wear just three rings which are from Pandora and very rarely anything else so getting use to having a diamond on my finger took some adjusting. You also have to get use to people grabbing your hand at every opportunity to see the ring. I kept my antibacterial gel close for the first month. 

Pinterest Addiction
I'm not going to say I set wedding boards up on Pinterest the day I said yes because that would be a huge lie, I've been planning my imaginary wedding for a few years but now I have even more of a reason to pin wedding hair, flowers, cakes, flowers, ideas, tips... The list is endless and you'll have your whole wedding set out pretty quickly, just not the budget to bring it to life because adulting is expensive and so are wedding flowers. 

Wedding Magazine Hoarder
£4.99 on the latest fashion magazine with a crappy sample? Nah, too expensive. £4.99 on a wedding magazine that will sit collecting dust? Bargain. I have become the ultimate hoarder and I'm not even getting married until 2018. The wedding magazine pile is seriously out of hand but I have found a new love in Rock n Roll Bride. There is some seriously, cool stuff in there. 

Manicure City
Before you'd walk around with chipped nail varnish and jagged nail beds now you need the ultimate shade to match your ring so you can subtly (ie. not subtly at all) wave your hand around so the sun catches the diamond like you're the Queen waving to crowds. 

Ring Panic
This is a real thing and happens to me more times in a day than I'd like to admit. I take my ring off to wash my hair, apply my skincare or hand cream, place it down in the same place every single time yet still have a mini heart attack when I reach down to find it's not there. I know exactly where it is but that still doesn't stop the panic. 

Everybody wants to know everything
People you haven't spoken to you in months will suddenly pop up, you'll get friend requests from people you don't care for and so many questions you'll want to scream because something as big as an engagement and pending wedding makes everyone think it's their business. Remember it's your day and no one else's! 

Everyone will also have an opinion
"But that month will be no good because of such & such", "What do you mean you're not inviting children?", "Oh well you can't exclude so & so"; And that's just a few of the comments you'll come across and again, remember it's your day and no one else's! If you want to get married on top of a hill in Mongolia with goats as witnesses and no children present then you do that. 

Saying fiancé is odd
One minute you're dating, next minute he's your boyfriend and now your fiancé and that is weird as hell to say. Don't get me wrong, I love that we're taking this next step together and I can't wait to call him my husband but it's the strangest thing using the word fiancé. I still call him my boyfriend, partner or other half the majority of the time. 

Wedding Movies & TV Shows
I've loved shows like Don't Tell the Bride and Four weddings for years but watching them now I'm engaged has changed my perspective. I'm not there laughing as the latest groom throws his wife out of a plane for top bants, I'm scrutinising every, tiny detail and then searching on Pinterest to quickly save what I love so I don't forget. He will also NEVER plan our wedding, not even for £14K or a honeymoon for a TV show. 

You'll smile a lot
These four months have been incredibly special, we've talked about who we want there to share our day, what theme we want and where we want to get married. We spend lazy, afternoons walking around in the sun holding hands and grabbing a quick coffee or curling up on the sofa for a Netflix series binge. Getting engaged is so special and I think it's a period of time you need to embrace before all the crazy planning starts.

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