Monday 10 June 2019

Lush Hair Lab Poole

Last week, I spent a dreamy afternoon with the team at Lush Hair Lab in Poole which has just opened to the public for the first time ever! The Lush Hair Lab has always been shrouded in mystery but now you can book in for a unique hair journey that will leave you relaxed and all the more knowledgeable about your locks. 

The Lush Hair Lab provides expert hair treatments, cuts and styling catered specifically for your hair and lifestyle. From the minute you step through the door, you'll be guided each step of the way by your hair technician to help you get to know your hair from root to tip. 

It's enlightening, educational and experience I would relive in a heartbeat. 

I was paired with Daisy and Katie who were absolutely lovely, they made me feel so welcome and I felt like I could open up to them both instantly. It was all very personal which if you've had a bad salon experience before I'm sure you would appreciate it. After fruit water was poured, we all sat down to discuss what I wanted from my hair and what I struggle with at the moment which I found strangely difficult because I've never really given it much thought. I've been struggling with postpartum hair loss on and off so wanted to bring my hair back to life from that was my aim in the end. 

Daisy was really great at getting me talking about what it is I didn't like and what I want to achieve myself so once we had decided on the route we were taking with my hair, it was time for Katie to step in and discuss how we were cutting and styling on the day which changed once I was in the chair because we went from just a trim to chopping off three inches and putting in lots of long layers. 

After we had discussed everything we needed to when it came to getting the most from my hair we moved on to The Tea Bar to create an infusion for the final rinse of my treatment. This was really fun as I was able to get involved myself squeezing lemons and measuring out marshmallow root. 

In a jug full of boiling hard water we mixed lemon, lime and orange juice and a tablespoon of Epsom salt before wrapping marshmallow root and lavender in a biodegradable muslin. I then popped the filled muslin into the water to infuse while Daisy talked through what products we'd be using on my hair. 

I wanted thickness and volume from my hair so for my roots we used Yuge Hot Oil Treatment containing sea salt, jojoba oil and guar gum which all gives added volume and shine and then on the lower ends Daisy also used Marilyn Hot Oil Treatment to bring out the blonder tones in my hair. 

For shampoo, we used Wasabi Shan Kui which is an exclusive and smells unreal! This helps awaken the hair follicles and thicken your hair, I'm obsessed with the scent as you can probably tell. For conditioner Daisy used Candy Rain, a conditioning treat of the gods for thirsty hair and my hair lapped it up. Candy Rain is another exclusive but I hope they bring this out in more stores because the scent is unreal and needs to be made into more products ASAP.

Once the products had been picked out, it was time to move to the treatment area. Think solid wood, open brick walls and the beautiful scent of Lush filling the air. Once seated in the comfiest chairs I've ever experienced, my treatment started and I was more than ready. As you lay back gentle mist fills the area and relaxing music is played from a small device laid on your chest. It enabled me to just close my eyes and disappear into a relaxing state while my hair was tended to.

I could've easily fallen asleep, I really didn't want to the treatment to end and I loved the way the mix of scents and smells enveloped you as they were being used.

Before long, it was time to jump in the hairdressing chair complete with a fresh coffee and a Biscoff biscuit.

The guys at Lush Hair Lab sure know how to treat you well!

I've never been particularly nervous about having my hair cut so having Katie touch and cut my hair for the first time didn't phase me, she was also incredibly lovely which made the experience even more enjoyable. We'd decided at the beginning to just have a little trim then when it came to it we decided to lop off three inches and I'm so glad we did because I love the shorter length. She used thermal scissors to cut my hair which was so interesting, the heated blades seal and round off the end of the hair to trap in moisture. It helps keep hair more healthy and stops the ends from splitting, they're really quite amazing. 

Katie used three different treatments in my hair before cutting and styling. First of all, Katie sprayed Super Milk over my hair, it's a conditioning spray which helps keep hair luscious and smooth. This was then followed by Willow the Wisp used in my roots to give a thickening effect while Shield is a protecting hair serum which was not my favourite scent but it did wonders to my hair.

With each product my hair just felt incredibly soft and smooth, I couldn't stop touching it and nearly two weeks later as I've continued to use the products at home to achieve the same results, my hair still feels incredible. 

Daisy and Katie did wonders with my hair, I was so happy with the results and when I finally stopped swishing around, I had the chance to talk to Daniel Campbell all about the Hair Lab and what inspires him. He was really easy to talk to and the way he loved the hair lab just shone. To be honest everyone I met at the hair lab just seemed to love it so much and I really didn't want to leave. 

You can book in with the Lush Hair Lab Poole now by ringing 07892 706614 and all the information on available treatments and costs can be found via Lush Hair Lab FAQs

I'm dying to go back, I've already mentioned to Arran about what a great birthday present it would make so hopefully you'll see me back there in the near future. 

It was honestly one of the best experiences and I feel so grateful that I was asked to go and experience it for myself. If you get the opportunity to go then I really urge you to do it, everyone needs a little pampering after all and what better way to do it than with Lush. 

Now, where's that Lush Spa menu...

My visit to the Lush Hair  Lab Poole was complimentary - see disclaimer.
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