Friday 21 June 2019

Introducing Too Cool For School

Too Cool For School is one of the hottest Korean beauty brands right now, selling a product every 12 seconds globally as well as having huge waiting list ahead of its launch in the United States. Too Cool For School brings the latest K Beauty trends to the Western world and they've recently launched in Boots, Cult Beauty and Feel Unique meaning we can get our hands on their products even easier than before. 

The brand is focused on creative experimentation and contemporary culture, bringing uniqueness and incredible quality to their products. It is one of the most sought after brands in South Korea and their following just keeps growing. The packaging is fun and expressive while the products speak for themselves, the Egg Mellow Cream is a sell out every time with the egg range being on of their most popular. I've been trying a handful of products over the last few months and have started quite a love affair with the Egg Cream Mask so much so I've reordered a few times since first receiving the products into my skincare loving hands.

The Egg Cream Pore Tightening Mask (£6.50) is a pore diminishing and tightening microfiber sheet mask infused with egg and vinegar extracts. It sounds pretty grim but the combination of egg white extracts to diminish pores and vinegar to clarify really does do wonders for skin. It is designed to target oily skin and enlarged pores and that it does! The super soft sheet mask fits comfortably so you can sit back and relax while the mask does its job in as little as twenty minutes. It's really great for oily and combination skin and I noticed a difference almost immediately. I wouldn't be without at least one of these in my sheet mask drawer now. 

I also tried a sheet mask from the Pumpkin range which is the mask you need for hydration! The Pumpkin 24K Gold Mask (£8.00) is pretty pricey for a sheet mask but it does do a brilliant job. The bio-cellulose sheet mask is drenched in pumpkin extracts and 24K gold to help you achieve radiant, smooth and well nourished skin. 

I liked this and it did make my skin feel hydrated but it was just too wet, I felt like my face was dripping off. The hydration results are not enough for me to buy this one again because I have other masks that do it better and for cheaper. 

Going back to the Egg range, The Egg Mousse Soap (£18.50) is one of their best sellers and again, I can see why. The wonderfully whipped meringue like mousse facial soap is enriched with egg white and yolk extracts to bring rough and dull skin back to life. 

The egg whites purify and brighten the skin while the yolk hydrates and leaves it feeling silky smooth leaving you with beautifully moisturised and luminous skin. 

It's pretty bloody fabulous and it brings a whole new meaning to egg on your face! 

The very last product I've been using from Too Cool For School is the Egg Mellow Body Butter (£29.50) a thick, luxurious body butter that my skin laps up! The body butter is blended with oil and melted with butter and includes egg yolk extract and shea butter. It's a lovely little treat for dry skin and the 2 in 1 formula provides unbeatable moisturising to really help nourish the skin. 

It smells pretty lovely too, it's just like a big moisturising hug for skin that I am totally onboard with. 

If you're yet to try Too Cool for School, what are you waiting for? From body butters and sheet masks to hair oils and shampoo, there is a whole host of fabulous products to dip your toes in to. 

The hardest decision will be what to try first. 

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