Wednesday 26 June 2019

L'Occitane Mineral Moisture Mask

If there is one thing I love to do to switch off and take back some me time it's pamper myself with a face mask. Since moving house, I've been able to dedicate a whole room to store all my beauty products which means this gal now has a dedicated face mask drawer featuring items such as this little gem from skincare favourites L'Occitane. 

If you want fresher skin, you're going to want to add this to your wishlist! 

L'Occitane is a brand I've used for years and they have some real stand out products for me and this little pot of blue has found its way onto that list for me. 

I've been using this going on three months now and it was most welcome after we moved when my stressed and dried out skin needed it most. 

The L'Occitane Mineral Moisture Mask (£32.00) is the perfect pick me up for tired and dry skin and I can confirm, it does a bloody good job. The ultra hydrating mask is made with mineral rich RĂ©otier water, hyaluronic acid and water-binding molecules to help revive skin when it needs it the most. It helps to awaken skin as well as minimising the appearance of pores giving skin a moisturised, healthy glow. 

One of the reasons I like this mask so much is that you can use it two ways. You can either slather you skin for ten minutes for a quick hydration shot or you can use it overnight so it can really soak into skin and leave you looking glowing and refreshed for when you wake up. 

The formula is light, non greasy and doesn't have a tight feel to it which is why I usually use the mask at night on a Friday so my skin is looking its best for the weekend ahead. My skin just looks fresher after I've used this and it's a look I can totally get onboard with. The mask comes in a generous 75ml pot and as the texture is so light, you get quite a number of uses from it. 

Who doesn't want fresher, more hydrated skin? 

You can purchase the mask online or in L'Occitane boutiques now. Radiant skin is just round the corner. 
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