Wednesday 22 May 2019

The Perfect Holdall for Travelling this Summer

When it comes to just using hand luggage on short haul flights or stay-cations, I'm a dab hand at packing with just a small holdall. I put it down to the fact I used to fly back and forth to the UK from Spain regularly in my teens so I've mastered packing down to a fine art which has earned me the title of chief packer in our family. 

I have gone through a number of cheap holdalls so having something that is durable, with wheels and a security lock are my basic needs when choosing a new case. Especially if I want it to last trip after trip and the potential knock on route. 

American Tourister sent me the oh so gorgeous Wavebreaker Spinner Velvet (£129.00) in Pink Blush for when I'm next off on my travels and oh boy is this a keeper. 

The Waverbreaker is an incredibly light and durable cabin size holdall which comes in a range of colours. I have the pink blush holdall from the velvet range and I absolutely adore it. The holdall comes with a combi lock with TSA which is essential for travelling to the US as well as zippers and double wheels meaning it's a total ease to use. 

It weighs just 2.6kg and hard shell outer helps prevent against scratches and damages which I can confirm works because I may have dropped this myself down some stairs and it was absolutely fine and still like new! 

Inside the case you'll find the top and bottom compartments, the top comes with a divider while the bottom has the secure ribbons. There was also a pink blush velvet pouch in this one perfect for all those small bits and bobs such as cotton buds and hair bands that can sometimes get lost. 

The Wavebreaker is a brilliant all rounder and the wheels make maneuvering it around super easy. It's just such a dreamy case that would look fab in that Instagram airport shot too! 

American Tourister have a huge variety of suitcases, cabin holdalls and luggage sets from hard or soft shells as well as backpacks and duffle bags so you're bound to find exactly what it is you're looking for. There's even cute Disney cases for children. 

You can shop American Tourister on and find your luggage of dreams now. 

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