Monday 9 October 2017

Lush Cosmetics Halloween Haul

It's that time of year again! With Lush Cosmetics launching their Halloween collection a few days ago, I was unable to head into store to pick up my bounty for this year so for the first time ever, I made an online order of all things spooky. Delivery was quick and simple, the only difficult bit was not buying absolutely everything. I focused on bath treats so here is what I bought...

Monsters Ball £4.50
This one reminds me of Boo's outfit in Monsters Inc. It contains a mix of Lime Oil, Neroli, Olibanum Oil and Cocoa Butter so great for skin and the scent will put you into a relaxing trance. It creates a beautiful mix of colours in the water, with blues, pinks and purples stealing the show. 

Lord of Misrule £3.95
Probably my favourite bath bomb ever, Lord of Misrule is back and sultry smelling as always. The bath bomb leaves the water a twirling mix of green, purple and red while the Patchouli, Black Pepper and Vanilla give a spicy blend of scents. I find the scent hangs around for hours after your bath too. Why I only picked up one, I'll never know. 

Pumpkin £4.25
If you're all about Pumpkin Spiced Pie then this will be for you. Pimento Berry Oil, Vanilla and Spicy Cinnamon make this a real bath time treat and one that doesn't have any calories. Pumpkin fizzes out to give the water a bright, orange tinge so you're essentially bathing in Pumpkin soup. I'm so glad it's back again this year.

Sparkly Pumpkin £4.25
This bubble bar is starting to become a bit of a classic thanks to its orange mound of glittery fun. Juniperberry Oil, Lime Oil and Grapefruit Oil give Sparkly Pumpkin its much loved scent. To use, just break in half or even quarters and run under hot water to create the bubbliest of bubble baths you ever did see. Coated in Gold Glimmer Lustre, prepare to be ready for the disco once you jump out.

Pink Pumpkin £4.25
New for this year, Pink Pumpkin is a bubble bar covered in sparkling lustre, it's girly, it smells yum and it makes so many bubbles! Mixed with geranium and bergamot oils, it was made for me and the sultry jasmine adds a pampering hint to your pretty pink bath. 

Bewitched £4.25
Another bubble bar, Bewitched is the cat that got the cream and is my favourite of the bunch from this year. Filled with olibanum oil and bergamot, it's such a delight to senses and the familiar blackberry scent makes evening bath times a real treat! Plus, it's pretty cute right?!

Ectoplasm £4.95
I just had to pick up the Halloween jelly bomb. Mine had a battering in it's box thanks to Royal Mail but it's still pretty intact! Phew. Ectoplasm is positively ghoulish and adds some slime to bath time. It has an uplifting scent of tangerine, grapefruit and litsea cubeba oils (nah, I dunno either) which helps turn bath time into a happy, fruit filled experience. 

So that's everything I bought! What have you been buying from the Lush Halloween range?

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