Sunday 8 October 2017

Pregnancy Diary 38-40 Weeks

I'm writing this at 40+4 weeks and we're creeping ever closer to my original due date and the one that definitely felt more right. The last two weeks have whizzed by again and I am still waiting for the apparently inevitable 'slow down' of pregnancy. I've had so many people say the last four weeks are the equivalent of four years but that hasn't been the case at all, even now I'm overdue. We haven't quite managed that final date night yet or seen that film we both really wanted to see and now I'm not sure we're going to as the next stage gets ever closer. 

The last two weeks, for me have been very much my nesting stage. I've cleaned, washed and dusted more than I have in months and I've found new homes for all the things that already had a home. I don't think our kitchen has ever been so clean. I've also not wanted to see anyone other than Arran and immediate family. I can't put my finger on it but I just want to stay in my cosy little nest and make the most of my own time. I've still talked to friends daily, I haven't cut myself off completely, I just want to make the most of those last few days or weeks by myself. I think my instinct has just kicked in to protect our home and family because I know I'll be exactly the same the weeks following Baby Spake's birth. We'll be keeping that front door locked until we're ready.

On the plus side to the last two weeks, I'm still sleeping 8/9 hours a night with a pee stop in-between and I'm still getting in those afternoon naps. I'm just a sleepy sloth for 92% of my life at the moment. Baby is still measuring perfectly and he's also not making me uncomfortable as I'm still able to walk all over the place with next to no back ache which obviously helps my sleep too! There was only one day where I felt horrific due to a really bad migraine. It just wouldn't shift, I was so, so sick and I just had to lay very still and hope for the best. A doctor and midwife finally authorised some codeine for me to take at home which gave it a good boot. 

The last week has seen Baby Spake getting more than his fair share of post. He's been spoilt with Harry Potter baby grows from Ste, adorable bibs from Aisling and the biggest baby hamper from Emily-May. We're going to need to get him some more storage soon. It's been so lovely to receive so many beautiful gifts, cards, messages and more from our blogging family and people we've never met, this baby is so loved, by so many already and your excitement and love for us is appreciated so, so much. 

I also headed to my 40 week midwife appointment last week and saw a completely different midwife again but HE was fabulous. I was made to feel so comfortable throughout the appointment, he explained so much more than anyone else ever has so far and he just reassured me. I'm kinda sad he was never my assigned midwife to begin with. My next appointment is in a few days at 41 weeks to go through the induction process and for another sweep as the first one couldn't be performed as the baby's head was in a weird a position to reach my cervix. There's my little bit of TMI for you today.

Hopefully the sweep works and there's no time for me to write another pregnancy diary post as he'll finally be here in our arms. Again, thank you so much for all your love the last few days, it hasn't gone unnoticed.

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