Wednesday 25 October 2017

My Top 5 Urban Decay Products

Is there anything better than an Urban Decay purchase? They're my go to brand when I fancy a treat and I have a number of their products within my makeup collection, most of which I use daily. In true Annie Writes Beauty style, I haven't bothered tidying up the products, I always like to share how worn or used they are so you can see how much I really love them. So here are five products I wouldn't be without...

Chill Makeup Setting Spray £23.50
I've been using the UD setting sprays for a few years now. I've always have a mini All Nighter to hand but it's Chill that I reach for the most. It helps keep my makeup in place and thanks to the temperature control technology it contains, it chills the surface of your makeup helping it stay put without setting in creases or lines. The Urban Decay setting sprays are the only ones I've tried that set my makeup perfectly and if you're looking for a change from MAC Fix+, this is the one to try. They also come in refreshed packaging which means no more foundation hand prints on the white bottles.

The Original Naked Palette £39.50
I have all five of the Naked palettes and the original Naked palette is 100% my favourite with Naked 3 being a close second. I use each and every shade, the powders are buttery and easy to blend, with each shade lasting for hours without creasing. Golden hues are my go to and Naked covers each base. I just wish they would bring the palette out in the tin packaging because it would be so much cleaner and I'd be first in queue to buy it. If you're still yet to own a Naked palette, hop to it as there are now five of these glorious things to choose from.

Perversion Mascara £19.00
If bigger, blacker and bolder lashes are your thing then Perversion was made for you. The mascara delivers insane volume, length and longevity without smudging or flaking. The formula is really creamy and when I first pulled the wand out I thought it was going to be really wet but it clings and coats every lash without me having to do an emergency clean up operation unless I sneeze. I like plastic wands which separate each lash without clumping which is why I tend to avoid wands like Perversion but I shouldn't of judged because it does exactly what I want just with more volume and a touch of sass. The wand is just the right weight to have complete control over your lash look, making sure you have the most defined lashes in all of the land.

Brow Box Eyebrow Kit £22.00
Brows aren't my thing, I plucked too much when I was younger and I've been trying to grow them back ever since. The only thing I use on the brows I do have is the brow box because it contains everything I need and there's six shades available now. The kit comes with two shades of brow powder, setting wax, mini tweezers, angled brush and spoolie as well as two mirrors, one normal, one magnifying. It's the dream brow kit and one I've used a lot as you can see. Mine is from the Gwen Stefani collection but I'd buy it in a heartbeat once I've used this one up.

Vice Lipstick in Backtalk £15.00

I'm partial to a lipstick, especially Urban Decay as the formula and colour range is incredible. I've used a nude called Naked from UD for the longest time but when they launched the Vice range I nearly had a heart attack. I needn't of worried as my faves were still all there and I discovered a new one in Backtalk, a creamy pink hue. Backtalk is in the comfort matte formula and hugs your lips. The colour is a soft, pink although looks slightly mauve on my own lips. The formula lasts for hours and it's one that doesn't leave my bag often. It's very quickly replaced Naked in the fave nude stakes! 

What are your favourite products from Urban Decay? Any excuse for a treat! 

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