Sunday 29 October 2017

The Lowdown on Urban Decay's Troublemaker

I'm a complete slave to Urban Decay Cosmetics and I have been for a number of years. The brand for me, just gets it completely and it's very rare I find that a product of theirs that doesn't work for me. They've turned me into the palette whore I am today and most recently they've helped me create full fat, luscious lashes. Introducing Urban Decay's newest mascara, Troublemaker...

 (Apologies for the Instagram selfies but one of us has to hold the baby haha)

Troublemaker was released at the end of September to eager fans worldwide including myself. I'm a lover of Perversion but the Troublemaker brush was definitely more me. Urban Decay says that the Troublemaker mascara is so good it should be illegal and that it's sex proof, pretty big claims! Thankfully for you guys, in the honour of all things beauty, I made sure I trialled this through pregnancy hot flushes, long walks trying to get the baby out and a lengthy induction and this bad boy lasted through all of it! 

Packaging first, isn't it pretty? The mascara comes in a double-walled tube with a prism finish, it's a bit unnecessarily heavy but this doesn't transfer to the wand so holding this to coat your lashes with the good stuff isn't affected. The wand itself is one of its kind and designed to separate and fan out each and every lash. The tiny precision hooks catch each lash, even those little fiddly ones giving you the most even looking finish ever. I find it easy to use and easy to get results. Just look at my lashes! 

The formula delivers the blackest of black pigments thanks to holding two different types. It's infused with hollow silica and ultralight fibres to give incredible volume without weighing your lashes down while the vitamin nourishes and conditions and it lasts. I haven't experienced flaking or smudging with this although don't get it in your eye because it bloody stings. My downside? I hate the smell, I can't put my finger on it but I really hate the smell, maybe it's those hormones?

Troublemaker has quickly pushed my ever-faithful Falsifeye mascara out of the way and has taken centre stage within my makeup collection. I wasn't sure with this one, the claims almost seemed too big for me to believe but Urban Decay have totally pulled it out of the bag AGAIN and boy, are my lashes happy! 

Have you used Troublemaker before? What do you think?

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