Monday 23 October 2017

My Lush Cosmetics Must Haves

If there is one thing I regularly treat myself to, it's a few new products and some old faves from Lush Cosmetics. The Lush Southampton store has just moved into West Quay Shopping Centre so there's now even more space to mooch around and shop to my heart's content. Lush switch up their products most years so my favourites do change and this year I've discovered five products I hope never leave because I would cry, a lot. So here are some must-haves I always keep at home...

Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds £4.95
This is hands down, my favourite bubble bar ever. I couldn't even tell you how many of these I've gone through but it's well into double digits. I first bought this while going through a tough time in a previous job and I desperately needed something to help me relax. Three years later, I still turn to it when I need an hour to just submerge myself in bubbles and empty my mind. It contains patchouli and frankincense which just help me completely switch off and relax. You can get a few baths out of it and it's one I'll always keep in my stash. 

I'd read about dusting powders previously and had used some limited editions but Silky Underwear is an absolute game-changer. We've all been there with the chub rub and after Vix Meldrew swore by this on a recent getaway, I ran to buy a bottle. I'm now halfway through my second and it's love. Not only does it help with the dreaded chub rub, it's also great if you need to dry and dress quickly after a shower or for sprinkling on just shaved underarms. I love the delicate jasmine scent too which says a lot coming from someone that usually hates jasmine.

The Birth of Venus £6.95
The jelly face masks are one of their newest launches so to label it as a must-have this quickly must seem odd but hear me out. I'm not usually one to rave about something so quickly but I'm a total jelly mask convert, mainly because you don't have to keep them in the fridge. I waste the fresh face masks as I never get round to using them before I need to but there isn't that worry with the jelly ones. Birth of Venus is my fave one so far with FOMO coming a close second. You just pinch a piece of the mask then work it into a paste between clean hands before applying to your skin. Skin is left feeling fresh and you get the fun of playing with jelly.

Sleepy £7.95
If you haven't heard of Sleepy then come out from under your rock and listen up. Praised by insomniacs and parents for it's sleeping benefits, I jumped on the bandwagon and bought a pot to try out for myself. Originally a seasonal exclusive, Sleepy has made its way back into stores and I am so glad because I love it! Its dreamy scent of lavender and tonka completely relaxes me and leaves my skin feeling super soft. Does it really help me sleep? I'm not sure but I do only use this at night so I only associate the scent with sleep now. I'm near the end of my current pot and I'm definitely repurchasing for the soothing scent and mood it puts me in alone.

Dream Cream £6.95
I've gone through a couple of pots of this in the past and bought this pot originally for Arran for his eczema after reading how much it has helped with others. The soothing cream instantly cools and moisturises even the most sensitive of skins and I always pinch some if I have a sore patch come up anywhere myself. We always keep a pot in the house now and it's one thing I'll definitely be trying if little one has any skin complaints. Dream Cream is available in three sizes and the prices are really similar to medicinal eczema treatments. Just remember, what has worked for us may not work for you and to check with your doctor before trying for a medical reason.

What are your must have products from Lush?

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