Sunday 22 October 2017

LUSH Green Coconut Jelly Bath Bomb

We've all spent more time than necessary playing with the jelly shower gels so it was about time Lush Cosmetics expanded the jelly range, for us um adults. In July, Lush released four bath ballistics in jelly form and I couldn't resist picking up Green Coconut to try. Retailing at £4.95, there are currently four to choose from and here is what I thought.

I chose Green Coconut because I thought it looked like a dragon's egg, that and it smelt pretty fabulous. It contains coconut cream which helps condition skin as well as cinnamon leaf that gives it an odd, tropical warmth so you can imagine the scent when you submerge yourself into the water. To get that jelly feel, sodium alginate is used to create the jelly like texture in water and boy does it leave the water feeling silky soft. If the water feels that soft you can imagine how good your skin feels. 

As soon as you drop this into the water it starts to fizz and move around with clouds of green breaking away almost immediately. It fizzes and dissolves quickly, leaving a jelly like film on water. Due to the colour of this, I didn't notice it clinging to the bath or my skin like it's mysterious sibling Dark Arts, one I'm very skeptical to use after reading the reviews. 

If you fancy a bath time treat then the jelly bath bombs are fab but will I use them all the time? Probably not as I just can't justify a £5 bath regularly. I can't wait to see the seasonal editions of them though! Have you tried the jelly bath bombs yet? What do you think?

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