Monday 3 July 2017

Tractors, Diggers & Nursery Rhymes

One of the best things about baby buying other than the cute baby grows is definitely things for the nursery. We've only picked up a couple of bits so far, we're leaving the bigger bits for the moment but I couldn't help falling in love with one of them.

I've wanted a DAB Radio for the longest time but with having my phone hooked up to Spotify and my iPod in the kitchen, it was something that just never came home with us. MyVQ specialise in a range of radios so when the opportunity came up to get our hands on one of the beautifully designed, Retro Minis we said yes, especially as the children designs make it perfect for the nursery.

MyVQ have just released two of Emma Bridgewater's iconic children's patterns on the Retro Mini DAB Digital Radio, Mini Men at Work and Dancing Mice. I chose the Mini Men at Work as I loved the various tractors and diggers adorned across it. The Retro Mini is wrapped in premium leatherette so perfect for, if any grubby hands get a little too close. Thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity I'll be able to connect nursery rhymes to it as well!

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