Monday 24 July 2017

LUSH Cosmetics Haul

It's not a visit to Lush without buying lots of bits for over the top bath times so with the excuse of the new store launch for Lush Southampton, I grabbed a basket and shopped to my hearts content. The store launch was the perfect way to see the new products that were being released so after making my very own Cheer Up, Buttercup bath bomb, I started to shop!

As with any Lush fan, I have a few favourites but I also try and buy some new bits to try whenever I head in to store. The one product I was really looking forward to picking up was the jelly face masks. I've never tried the shower jellies before as they just didn't appeal to me but for some reason I was all over the jelly masks. There are five in the range, with only one not being vegan as it contains honey. I chose The Birth of Venus due to its fresh sea scent and promise of balancing skin. I tried it for the first time this weekend so a review will follow soon. 

If you're a lover of oil treatments then Lush have just released some new hot oil treatments for your hair which you'll love! I've reviewed Kinky in the past and loved it, so I can't wait to try New and Damaged. The latest ones come with even less packaging and easier to read instructions on the stick. In shower scrubber, Scrubee is the cutest buffer in all the land, thanks to being a bee! For use in the bath or shower, it contains honey, cocoa butter, coconut shells and ground almost to keep skin exfoliated and feeling super soft. Buffy is a firm favourite so I'm intrigued to see how Scrubee will compare. 

Now, the real reason I spend silly amounts of money in Lush is because of bath bombs, I know I can buy good old Radox but sometimes, okay every day I like a pamper so girl gotta have some choice. Cheer Up, Buttercup was one that was calling my name and its lemon myrtle, zesty lime and uplifting neroli was what drew me! Rocket Science also found its way into my basket thanks to its fun appearance and bergamot scent which is my favourite.

My repeats were Blue Skies & Fluffy Clouds, Ickle Baby Bot and Yuzu & Cocoa Bubbleroon with the final product being one of the brand new, jelly bath bombs! I bought Green Coconut because I thought it looked like a dragon's egg. Pop your bomb into water and watch the jelly spread across the water! I haven't used this one yet, only playing with the one in store but it's definitely one way to make bath times fun again! I'm picking up Dark Arts next because I can't resist a Harry Potter reference. Have you bought anything from Lush recently? Tell me your favourites! 

(Hot Hair Oils, Scrubee, 1x Rocket Science & 1x Cheer Up, Buttercup gifted in goody bag everything else bought - )

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