Sunday 23 July 2017

18 Things I miss about the OLD Blogging World

The blogging world has become a bit crap hasn't it? There is always someone slagging off someone else, a bit of photography faking going on or an influencer trying to fool us into thinking he really did gain all those followers in one week. This got me thinking about simpler times when all we had to worry about was finishing our Sunday roast in time for the first blogger chat of the evening. So here are some things I miss about blogging when it was still fun...

1. Own domains were a dream and we were all about that .blogspot or .wordpress life

2. We were able to vote for the topics of each chat in an online poll on a Sunday afternoon

3. The way everyone got involved in Sunday night Twitter chats, it was the place to be and everyone shared the love, their links and followed after each chat!

4. Twitter chats were also much simpler and there were a lot less to remember. There's one for everyone and their cat nowadays and it's just too much, I never remember them anymore.

5. Everyone celebrated their first 100 Bloglovin followers with a MAC Lipstick giveaway or in my case a MAC eyeshadow because I wanted to be different.

6. And all giveaways were run via Rafflecopter, way before Follow & RT to win was cool and GFC was still a thing that people used to read blogs.

7. Our Instagram accounts were seen, followed and allllll the hashtags worked. Themes weren't really that popular and grainy selfies were still loved and shared by many.

8. Blog photos were taken with your phone whether the lighting was good or not, we've all got a flash right?! We would then bash out some words, do a quick check over and hit publish. 

9. Other bloggers always commented on your posts and you would sit in a happy bubble replying to all those lovely comments on your latest empties or monthly favourites before sharing the love back.

10. We could still trust Bloglovin with our posts and spent hours scrolling the website for new reads and following all our favourite bloggers. 

11. MAC limited edition collections were still very much loved and we all shared each others sympathy when another blogger just couldn't quite get their hands on THAT lipstick everyone needed. 

12. MAC lipstick collection posts were always very popular and would always end in another purchase that you wouldn't need.

13. It was all about Real Techniques make up brushes and we included the buffing brush in every FOTD post whether it was washed or not.

14. OOTD's were shot in front of a mirror in our bedrooms using our phones or compact cameras. If we were really lucky our boyfriends or mum might take that full length shot for us. 

15. No one spoke about finding your niche, or having to have a niche or even really knew what a niche was. I still stand firm that you do not need one. 

16. Everyone shared each others blog buttons and put them in their side bars to be kind rather than make £10+ per blog button.

17. Twitter was used to make friends and to chat about the latest beauty release or holiday. Now it's lesss chat more promo tweets and #prrequests.

18. Pressure? What pressure? Post, don't post, who really cares? We'd post when we wanted and to hell with a schedule!

I would LOVE to know what you miss about the blogging world! What have I missed out?

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