Wednesday 26 July 2017

My Favourite MAC Summer Brights

Being the lipstick fan that I am, I have quite the collection of shades suitable for whatever mood takes my fancy but when it comes to summer there are three I swear by. I'm a brights fan and when the sun is shining, I want my lips to be bold! You can't fault the formula by MAC Cosmetics especially when it comes to staying power in the heat, so I know these are shades I can count on not to slide...

Think bright reds, oranges and bubblegum pinks, they're my go to shades for summer. I tend to tone down my eyes to something neutral, letting my lips be the main focus and almost always have bright nails to match, I just can't help myself. MAC Cosmetics isn't for everyone and they do now retail at £16.50 which is a bit on the pricey side for most. Anyone remember when these little babies cost £11? Nope? Just me collecting my pension then.

So Chaud, which is the first lipstick in all the above images was the very first MAC lipstick I bought, I've repurchased it over and over again and always suggest it when someone wants recommendations. It comes in a matte finish and I just cannot fault it. The reddish orange shade is perfect for summer, against a tan and it lasts through drink, food and more! Not many people have heard of So Chaud so I'm always the first to sing its praises, I just love it so much. 

The second lipstick is Morange, a summer classic which I'm sure most of you have heard of or even own already. Morange comes in an amplified finish which is one of my least favourite finishes from MAC. It's a vibrant orange that screams summer, sunshine and cocktails. This doesn't last as long on me as the others but it still holds up in the heat. I just love this shade and I always get compliments when wearing this as it brings out the blue in my eyes. 

Lastly, is a pink shade which is rare for me but Pink Nouveau just stole the show one day and I haven't looked back. It comes in a satin finish which I find is as good as the matte formulas just a little creamier. It's my perfect candy pink, lasts for hours and doesn't transfer too much like its glossier finished siblings. This is another I would repurchase in a heartbeat as I couldn't imagine it not being in my collection.

If you're looking for some fancy brights, then look no further. I'd love to know if you already own some of mt favourites! Why not get some inspiration from My MAC Lipstick Collection post.

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