Wednesday 28 June 2017

Why Your Posts Aren't Being Re-Tweeted

Having a Twitter account that re-tweets bloggers work was something that I fell in to. It was never the original intention but as community is at the forefront of what the account does, sharing blog posts soon became natural and it's something we LOVE. We've been doing this for over two years now and being a blogger myself definitely makes me look at things differently when it comes to re-tweeting posts so I thought I'd share some reasons as to why your posts aren't being re-tweeted after speaking to a few others that also re-tweet posts and more.

You're tagging too many accounts
This may be a little controversial but it's an opinion that is widely shared, sometimes tagging too many retweet accounts will stop your post getting shared. When promoting your latest post, think about how many retweet accounts you're including. Are you substituting some for hashtags? I find a mixture works when promoting my own posts and I try to stick to two retweet accounts and two hashtags.

You're not tagging sensibly
Think of a retweet account as a little business that gets no payment or real help for what it does. Each time you tag that account, you're technically giving a little bit of promo so the less accounts you tag, the more chance you have of being retweeted as they have more chance of being seen. Try and always tag the accounts in your mentions. As I said above, make use of hashtags too and research the best and most relevant ones for your post.

You tag retweet accounts in the photo
I'm not a fan of this and it stops accounts being seen much for the reasons above. I very rarely tag accounts in photos unless it's the brands handle which is related to the blog post. Include those accounts in your mentions, filling all ten spots with retweet accounts just isn't fair.

You're using the same handles every half hour
It is up to you however many times you want to promote your latest post but please bear in mind how often you're using the same retweet handles. I personally like the feed to be a mixture of posts from various bloggers so if I get the same blogger tagging the account every half hour with another post or even the same post, I won't retweet it. I will however go back later in the day and retweet it when there's a bit more variation in the feed. Variety is key after all!

If this is something you've noticed happening to your tweets, see how you get on with the above. Remember to check the accounts your using for activity as that may be another reason too!

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