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8 Things that Happen when you get Pregnant

It seems like yesterday we announced my pregnancy but no sooner were the first scan photos shown, we've blinked and I'm fast approaching the final trimester. Pregnancy has been pretty kind and here's hoping it stays that way. One thing that I have noticed from talking with pregnant friends and from seeing myself is how other people react to your pregnancy and expanding bump so here are 8 Things that happen when you get pregnant...

Your body changes... a lot! 
Everything has changed from my skin type to my hair, hands to my feet and of course my belly. My feet have gone up a size so flip flops are my new choice of foot wear, my boobs have taken on a mind of their own and for a usually small boobed lady, I have no idea where to put them and this is before my milk has come in! The biggest change of course is my bump, it just appeared one morning and has been throwing me off balance ever since but boy is it lovely to see. 

You will Google everything
And really, you shouldn't. Googling pregnancy symptoms is much like Googling your medical problems when you have the sniffles, it throws up all sorts of problems. I search week by week updates and that's about it. Stick to trusted websites, apps and books and if you're really concerned about anything, speak to your midwife. 

You start hanging around in book shops
I waited until I had my dating scan before buying any books just in case but I did find myself hanging around the parenting section on more than one occasion. There are so many options available and before you know it, you're signed up to a Waterstones account and have a trusty bag for life full of books that then end up collecting dust for weeks on end. I promise I will read one soon! 

Food is everything
Cravings are a barrel of laughs and your appetite is about to get a bit weird. From those sour sweets you usually hate to fizzy drinks and random bowls of broccoli, if those cravings get you, fulfill them! I make sure I get my fruit and veg fix every day but if I fancy Drumstick Squashies or a bowl of ice cream, I'm going to satisfy those cravings especially on those teary days. 

Everyone will have an opinion on your bump
My bump has really begun to stick out the last few weeks and I love it but someone, whether family, friends or strangers seem to have an opinion. According to measurements, my bump is the perfect size for my stage of pregnancy but all I hear is "Are you sure you're not having twins?" and "Wow your bump is big". I personally find it really offensive, I don't go around commenting on other people's bellies so be prepared, grow a thick skin or be ready for a witty comeback which is my choice of response. 

Maternity clothes suck
Not all maternity clothes, but most. I have tried numerous brands and have come to the conclusion they all think pregnant women wear stripes or florals and if they fit the bump, more often than not they don't fit the boobs. I've been buying a few sizes up from my fave brands to fit my bubba in clothes comfortably and if in doubt, the basic maternity range from Asos is pretty good. 

"But I'm Pregnant" becomes your whine of choice to get your way
I will be the first to admit that I use this a little too much for my benefit, but hey it's a good excuse and I only have nine months to use it! Don't want to make another cup of tea? Can't be bothered to cook dinner? Just want some attention? Just whack out the "But I'm Pregnant" line. I always thought to myself that I wouldn't use it too much but the bigger you get, the more tired you are and soon it becomes your favourite saying. 

You'll experience some blasts from the past
When we announced our engagement we had a few surprise messages from people that were no longer in our lives but this goes next level when you announce your pregnancy. People from silly school feuds appeared along with distance exes which was all very weird. We shot off a thank you message and left it at that. Politeness never cost anything after all just be wary now you have this little human on the way of who you invite back in.



  1. I loved this.. and agree with literally everything you've said. Trying to find bra's for a small person but with a big cup size that's actually pretty I've found near enough impossible haha. I didn't want to spend loads because obviously they're not going to be this size forever, so I'm stuck with ugly looking bras for now haha.

    Also hate it when people comment on my bump! I didn't start showing until recently and I'm due in 10days, which was odd because I was so tiny before. This made literally everyone comment on it, "you sure you're pregnant?" "you're so small", and i find it so rude, imagine if I said the same back to them good lordddd it would not go down well!

    I hope all is going well for you lovely, xo

    1. Thank you! The bra thing is a nightmare isn't it?! I think I hate the way people comment the most, it's just so rude! xx

  2. Google was a nightmare when I was pregnant (or to be honest, any time I ever feel ill!). It's so hard not to Google though!! xo

    1. I hated being pregnant because of the attention i got from it, people would stare at my tummy, even when i wasnt even showing and because im already an anxious mess around people my paranoia went into over drive..

      you forgot one thing... HEARTBURN THAT COULD SINK SHIPS!!

    2. Completely agree! People & Google are just eurgh! xx

  3. Ha Dr Google will always tell you that you have some sort of fatal issue going on ;) and yet I still google EVERYTHING. Congrats on the pregnancy, my biggest boy is 13 tomorrow *gulp* and my 'baby' boy is already 11, but I still remember pregnancy well so this made me laugh. For all the heartburn, swollen feet and dressing like a tramp for 9 months in my case though, all is forgotten when you see their little face for the first time.

    Stevie x

    1. Google is the absolute worst at times! Thank you! 13, wow! Teenager time! xx

  4. I agree 100% with all of these. I find it so weird that people who haven't spoken to me in years have come crawling out the woodwork - they did the same when I got married. I reckon they're just trying to be nosy haha. x

    1. People are just so nosey aren't they?! Can't resist! xx


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