Friday, 22 November 2019

Shop Cosmetify this Black Friday

This is a paid partnership with Cosmetify

Black Friday has quickly become a popular event in the UK as much as it is stateside thanks to the absolute bargains and discount sales we can now get our hands on and it gets bigger and better every year. Gone are the days of looking woefully at what we could get and I for one am hurriedly writing my list in preparation. 

I find Black Friday (29th November FYI) to be the perfect time to order any Christmas presents I've been wanting to get as well as stocking up on my favourite beauty bits which is where Cosmetify come in. 

Cosmetify is a beauty discovery website that places over 200,000 products from thousands of brands directly at your fingertips to help you find the best price. They're the go-to search engine for beauty lovers meaning you can find everything you need makeup to hair, grooming to skincare and electricals to toiletries.

Cosmetify compares prices from multiple retailers and automatically selects the cheapest, saving you time and money plus with an average saving of 34% off RRP, it is the best place to order your most used and loved beauty products. They're also completely transparent about delivery options, costs and timings to avoid any surprises at checkout something that I myself worried about. 

I started to run out of all my skincare products at the same time this month so with the help of Cosmetify I was able to stock back up on all my favourites in one easy swoop. 

First up, were two products I rely on from Ren Skincare. I'm a huge fan of the radiance range so I ordered the Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic which was £21.50 thanks to 14% off as well as the Face Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask for £22.25 thanks to finding it at 39% off! 

One thing I love about Cosmetify is that you can set price alerts so if you're not sure on the price you've been offered, you can be alerted when it drops. 

As well as the Ren Skincare mask, I also ordered Bobbi Brown Skin Nourish which was 20% off and cost £28.00. I love using this in the winter because it keeps my skin so soft during the colder months. The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream was usual price but I've set it to price alert for when it drops next as I use it for so many things. 

The final product was the Decleor Rose Shower Gel which was a huge 44% off meaning my favourite shower gel was just £15.95. If you're looking for a little luxury for your shower, these are fab and there are three scents to choose from. 

Shopping with Cosmetify was super easy and I loved that I just knew I was getting a beauty bargain on my favourite products. I'll be heading back there again next week for bits for my family and friends including stocking fillers! 

So don't forget Cosmetify this Black Friday, it's bargain beauty in the best possible way! 

This is a paid partnership with Cosmetify - see disclaimer


  1. It's such a great site and I was surprised at how many great brands they stock x

  2. This is so helpful! Will definitely be having a look on Black Friday to get some good bargains x

  3. Sounds like a great site. I absolutely love Elizabeth Arden products - one of my favourite brands.


  4. I’ve heard great things about this site, I’ll have to check it out x

  5. Great bargains! Never knew about this company. John x

  6. Wow - that's a great find of a site, such good bargains...who doesn't love a bargain!
    Em x

  7. Sounds SO good, and I LOVE that REN mask, it is incredible, definitely worth grabbing while it is on offer!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  8. I’ve never used Cosmetify before, usually I search manually which is so time consuming. I will definitely be using Cosmetify to find the best deals.

  9. I flipping love their site and how easy it is to get things cheaper for no extra effort! z

  10. I use this site too :) you made some great savings and I love the Radiance range by REN

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  11. Oh ive never shopped this site before the deals sound amazing

  12. If I wasn't trying to cut down my spending this Black Friday weekend I'd definitely head over to Cosmetify! x


  13. I'm so glad to know about Cosmetify now! I often pass on more expensive brands, it's okay with one or two items but when you run out all at once it can get pricey very quickly! I'll be using Cosmetify in the future for sure xx

  14. I've never heard of this site before, but it sounds absolutely amazing! I love searching for the best deals possible, so I would love to give it a try - I really hope they offer international shipping xx

    Dominika | Into the Bloom

  15. I definitely need to check out Cosmetify for my beauty bargains this year! x

  16. Clearly I'm very late and have entirely missed Black Friday, but this website sounds like an all-round winner! I'm always so reluctant to part money for skincare (even though I love it) because it can be SO expensive, but this sounds like a genius way of making sure I get the best deal. Thank you for sharing this!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

  17. I've actually never heard of this brand before but I've seen a few people write about the as of recently! Definitely a bit late to the black Friday sales but I enjoyed reading this nonetheless x


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