Wednesday 6 November 2019

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I feel like new beauty releases just aren't slowing down at the moment and with the festive season right around the corner, we're sure to be inundated with plenty more to lust over. I've had a few new pieces land in my hands recently so I thought I'd give you a little rundown of what's new and what I've been reaching for including one thing I'm really not too keen on. 

Shall we begin?

Laboratoire du Haut-Segala sales via Eco Beauty Shop and has a great range of organic skincare, including their award-winning aloe vera range. I've been using the aloe vera range for a few months and I really like it. There are eight products within the range, the first being the Aloe Vera Eye Contour Roll-On (£17.90). Made from natural active ingredients which inject a tonifying boost to skin, the roll-on delivers a cool and soothing serum to eyes that helps moisturise and smooth fine lines. 

I love using this in the morning as it really awakens my eye area. 

The next product is Aloe Vera Night Cream (£23.00) which combines marine and plant active ingredients to repair and revitalise skin giving an intense hit of hydration overnight. It sinks into the skin and allows me to wake up with a super soft and hydrated complexion. It's firmly found its way into my nighttime skincare routine. 

The final product I've been trying is the Aloe Vera Gel (£11.50) which I think everyone should keep at home as it can be used for so many things such as dry skin, burns and irritations. The cooling Aloe Vera Gel is easily absorbed into the skin leaving it soft and supple, it's brilliant for use after waxing too! 

Styledry is completely new to me and they seem to be taking traditional dry shampoo and giving it a time-saving overhaul. In all honesty, I'm not completely sold but I did like two of the products that I was sent to try out. The first one was the Turban Shower Cap which is very different from traditional shower caps I've always used. The Turban Shower Cap -That's Peachy (£20.00) shields hair from water, protects your blow-dry and leaves no marks which is what I've always found an issue with traditional shower caps. It's absolutely perfect for keeping all of my hair contained and stopping it from getting wet. 

Next up we have the Dry Shampoo Compact Powder - Orange Blossom (£15.00) which is a solid dry shampoo with a handy little brush to help you dust roots when they need it most. You know those mornings when you wake up with hair you thought could last another day? Well, this solves that problem. You just dust your roots with the powder using the brush and away you go. I imagine this would be great for travelling when you want to limit the amount of aerosols you take with you. 

The final product from Styledry is the Dry Shampoo Blotting Paper - Orange Blossom (£10.00). This is the one product that I don't really get and think is quite wasteful. The pack contains eleven single-use blotting sheets that promise to quickly fix oily hair while on the go. Blotting paper isn't a new thing in the beauty industry but it's rare you'll find single-use sheets in individual packets, most are designed like a box of tissues. 

I appreciate the idea but in a world where we are so aware of climate change and reducing our waste, the blotting papers have completely missed the mark with me. 

Finally, we have the A/W collection from Essence and it is full of products you're going to want to snap up. The collection launched in October and I've been testing it out ever since with the Epic Sunset Palette (£9.99) being my go-to for everyday eye looks. Epic Sunset features fourteen beautiful shades ranging from sultry mattes to eye-popping metallics. There is also a light and dark matte shadow to help soften or intensify your eye look. It's a brilliant palette for the price. 

As well as Epic Sunset, the Crystal Power range features nail polish, lipstick, highlighters and an eyeshadow palette from as little as £2.00. The Crystal Power Blush & Highlight Palette (£5.99) includes four stunning shades to add a soft glow to the skin. Each of the shades can be used alone or with over makeup, I really love the shade Glowing Energy over foundation and blush. 

The Crystal Power Eyeshadow Palette (£5.99) features nine shades to help you shine bright this festive season. There are eight shimmers and one matte in a soft texture that blends beautifully. Make it Happen and Chase Your Dreams are two shades I've been reaching for again and again, they're just so highly pigmented and last for hours. I've been so surprised by the quality of the powders, they're better than some of my high-end products. 

You can find Essence in Wilkos stores or online at Feel Unique so it's super easy to shop the range! Epic Sunset should definitely be on your wishlist - I'm obsessed. 

Let me know what brand intrigued you most from this post. 

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