Monday 23 September 2019

What I've been Reading through September

September has been a relatively slow month for me when it has come to reading as its seemed that there has been so many other things to do. I've only really been able to fit in a few chapters here and there but what I have read has been brilliant and kinda stuck with me which I suppose is what you want from a book sometimes. 

I'm still sharing everything I'm reading on my Twitter book thread so make sure you check out that but in today's post I have six books I've recently read, all of which I think you'll love! 

 I've really tried to step out of my comfort zone with genres this year which is how I've discovered a love for crime and murder mysteries and boy is this one to add to your to read list! 

One of the main quotes from the book you'll find on the cover is "Thirty eight years I worked on the force," Frank said. "And I've never forgotten Beth Maguire. I always thought I'd get him. But he was the one who got away." which sets the tone of the book perfectly. The opening chapters set the story out really well and had me gripped instantly, I was eager to read more and I blitzed through this in just a couple of days. I did not see the who dunnit coming AT ALL, even though I was so convinced I knew - it was such a page turner. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I really hope I get to read more from Emily on the future. The Girl in the Mustard Coat is available on Kindle Unlimited for free at the moment too!

I was recommended The Lido by a few different people on Instagram so I picked it up during one of my Waterstones visits but have only just got round to reading it. I put it off because so many had said how warming and lovely it was that I was worried that I would hate it. Sounds so silly right?! 

The Lido is actually incredibly uplifting and I am so glad I finally settled down with it. It tells the story of Rosemary and Kate, two very different women fighting to save the same thing. It is written beautifully and shares such an incredible journey of female friendship, whatever the age. I felt quite connected to this book more so than I thought I would and I was a blubbering wreck by the end. I just really loved it and would read it again in a heartbeat which isn't something I do very often. 

This is Ruth Jones' debut novel and one I picked up on a whim and I'm so glad I did. The story follows two characters, Kate and Callum along with their families and a very messy past. I loved that it was completely different to your usual "lovey dovey" relationship focused books and instead was more about messy relationships and the consequences snap decisions can make. My only gripe I suppose you could say was the amount of unnecessary sex, I'm not a prude whatsoever but some of sex scenes just didn't need to be there and took away from what was really happening. It could've been shaved down considerably if it wasn't for the inclusion of them. I did love it though and the story had be gripped pretty much from the start. I'd love to see another book from Ruth Jones just with a little less penis. 

I read this as part of Beth's Book Club which gave me the prompt to finally order it as I'd picked it up and put it back more times than I'll admit. It's the story of a young African-American couple, a wrongful conviction and the consequences surrounding this. It's a heartbreaking story that's written beautifully and full of emotion. 

I think it's a book everyone should read.

I received this book inside a very lovely press parcel from Pink Lady Apples, all the books included had a foodie theme and this blew my mind. It's a peculiar book, I felt like I'd been pulled into a parallel universe, one I couldn't quite understand but didn't want to leave. Each of the characters are wonderful, beautifully portrayed and the writing is incredible. It's witchy, dark and magical, I just couldn't put it down so much so I wanted it to be longer just so I could stay in the strange world Sarah had created. I'll never look at owls the same way again, that's for sure! 

This was another book club read as part of Jaye Rocket's Hunting for Autumn newsletter. It's one that I wouldn't have picked out myself but something pulled at me to order it and so I did. The cover gets you thinking straight away by asking if you knew the date of your death, how would you live your life? It follows the lives of four siblings, starting in 1969 after they visit a travelling psychic. It was thought-provoking, in places sad and a tale of fate and superstition. I didn't really like the characters but at a push, I sympathized with one. I found it quite a hard read but I did enjoy it and it was definitely one that fully absorbed me within its story. 

Would I like to know the date of my own death? Absolutely not. 

What have you been reading recently? I'd love to know. 

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