Sunday 29 September 2019

Farewell Summer

I feel like this year has whizzed by, I'm not one to wish time away especially since having Joshua but I know on occasions I've said I couldn't wait for Autumn but now it's here I almost feel like I'm mourning Summer. We had such a wonderful summer, we've spent lazy days out in the sun or at home in the paddling pool, we've had some brilliant days out and we've had amazing weather too. I'm sure the weather alters my mood and a part of me feels a little concerned about the darker, colder months. 

This year has changed so much for me, I suppose I've been on a self-discovery journey as wanky as that sounds but something had to give after a bloody awful 2018. This year has been the one where I've found myself again, focused on being happier and finally found my way with motherhood. Something just clicked and its meant a lot of things just slotted into place which meant making the most of our Summer and we really did! 

I'm a big planner and I love browsing Pinterest for bucket-list inspiration so at the very beginning of Spring I made a list filled with all the things I wanted to do with Joshua this summer as well as days out with my parents and weekends with Arran as he works during the week. I kept them simple and achievable and actually managed to tick everything off.

I know people say that all plans go out the window with a toddler in tow and you won't get out the house before 10am but with a little bit of planning (there's that word again!) we made it happen and to be honest, early morning walks with Joshua with a coffee in hand are my favourite.

Easter weekend brought the first wave of beautiful weather which saw us get Joshua sized for his Summer shoes and tear around Queen's Park while spotting dogs. The wisteria went into bloom at the end of the month when we had a mini photoshoot with Nicole who captured some of my favourite photos of Joshua and me.

May was full of birthdays, weddings and more days out. We went on a mini-tour of Southampton starting in Ocean Village and ending at The Stable for pizzas with my fave boys. We headed to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard for the Horrible Histories exhibition and soft play, we had lunch dates with my parents and sister as well as lots of toddler dates with our best friends. It was the perfect start to the beginning of our summer.

June saw a trip to Marwell Zoo for the Brickosaurs Summer Event which ended up with Joshua having a two-and-a-half-hour nap and us twiddling our thumbs wanting to show him the sloth. We spent afternoons down by the water, hours in parks on the slide and had a number of coffee and cake dates. We also went strawberry picking for the first time at Pickwell Farm and we had so much fun. Joshua didn't end up half as covered as I thought he would even though he took the role of product tester very seriously.

I find filling our days so much easier now, not just because he's older but because I'm much more confident taking him out on my own. I wouldn't bat an eyelid at taking him out somewhere for lunch now or for a quick coffee and a slice of cake. I used to get the worst anxiety during that first year about even just leaving the house let alone doing half the stuff I do with Joshua now.

The start of July was a hot one, we went for long walks with friends and picnics, we spent a lot of time in Hamble which quickly became one of our favourite places and we went back to Marwell Zoo but this time with my parents.

The meerkats and penguins were a firm favourite which made me V proud. Boy after my own heart.

August was full of more days out and I think it was my favourite month. We went to The Watercress Line for their Day out with Thomas event and I think we'll remember it forever. My parents and I took Joshua and I wasn't sure if he'd be too young but it made such an impression on him and we've been watching Thomas the Tank almost every day since! We also headed to Winchester for the launch of Côte Brasserie's new children's menu where Joshua tried calamari for the first time and met a very lovely golden retriever by Winchester Cathedral.

The rest of August was filled with another trip to Hamble, play dates with friends and their children and blackberry picking at Pickwell Farm ready to trial some Autumn bakes.

September felt like it swung around very quickly and the countdown to Autumn was on. I always acknowledge the start of Autumn by the equinox so while we still had a few more weeks to go we made the most of some last-minute sunshine. We headed to Bill's Southampton after their recent refurbishment and enjoyed a meal together as a three before spending a night at Room2 Hometels for a staycation in the city.

Joshua and I headed to Paulton's Park with friends to experience Peppa Pig World for the first time. we spent a very sunny Saturday at Southampton Boat Show and nosed around God's House Tower for the first time since its mega refurbishment and with Hoxton Bakehouse inside, I can't wait to head back.

All in all, we've had a fabulous Summer and we've made some of the best memories. I've spent many an evening looking back on the photos and I'm in the process of selecting what photos I want to include in a photo book that I want to order.

Saying farewell to Summer will be a hard one this year but as we head into my favourite season, I'm looking forward to the memories we make next.

But first of all, we must celebrate a special little boy's second birthday.

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