Friday 13 September 2019

New In Beauty - Hair Edition

I'm a bit obsessed with hair products, I've always quite liked my hair so if there is anything new that will help me make it look more fabulous then I am there with open arms. Sprays, masks, dry shampoos, oils, you name it and I would've most likely tried it. Which is why I've collected a handful of new hair products that I've been trying out recently and popped them in this post so you can see what's new and what's worth picking up next time you need a little hair refresh.

Mane n Tail Hair Strengthener £11.99
I've been a fan of Mane n Tail products for years, I always have bottles of the original shampoo and conditioner stocked at home for when my hair really needs some love during the winter months as it just makes my hair feel incredible. The Hair Strengthener is one of their newer products and helps to nourish and repair hair while leaving it silky smooth. I use this on damp hair and just comb it through. I don't use much heat on my hair but I do suffer with breakage and this has been fab for that, my ends just look and feel much healthier. A little goes a very long way too. 

Collection Holy Chic Sea Salt Spray £13.95
In the summer months, I love using sea salt spray on my hair but my usual one wasn't cutting it so when this pink beauty dropped through the post I was eager to try it. The mist smells beautiful and you can use it on damp or dry hair. It helps to increase bounce, lift and hydration so that you're left with beautiful soft curls that could rival any beach babe. I personally use it on dry hair by splitting my hair into sections, adding the mist and then using my hair straighteners to create some loose curls. I then spray over all my hair, scrunch and then I'm good to go. It's super simple to use, doesn't leave my hair feeling crisp or dry and the scent hangs around for hours too. 

Hair Story Powder £39.00
Dry shampoo has been my best friend ever since I upgraded from the talc I used to use in my teens, the horror! This is probably the most expensive dry shampoo I've ever used BUT it is pretty fabulous and I can totally understand why it costs what it does. Powder completely banishes oil, doesn't sit on hair or make it look dusty because it's translucent and it gives a beautiful boost of volume to hair. It's not as easy as a quick spray and go, you need to separate sections and puff into roots but the results are pretty instant and it lasts all day too. Usually with dry shampoo you need to use it the night before and pray you wake up with better looking hair than you went to bed with but with this you can use it, massage it in and then head straight out the door. Pricey, but really bloody worth it. 

Hair Story New Wash £44.00
Another item from Hair Story is their incredible New Wash which is what I've been using the last two weeks with a bit of perseverance. We're so used to using shampoo and conditioner (which I also feature below but I will explain why) that it's become second nature and a cycle we kinda can't break. I was really dubious about using New Wash and ditching the shampoo but so far, so good. New Wash cleans without detergent, and it doesn't strip away the protective barrier from hair. It just removes the excess oil, dirt and other products we use leaving cleaner, happier and healthier hair plus it's suitable for all hair types. 

To start with hair can go through a bit of a transition period where it seems greasier than usual, I experienced this for around a week before it seemed to settle. The PR had very kindly warned me about this so I knew it was completely normal. One thing to note too is that it doesn't foam so you have to really massage the product in but it just means you get a mini head massage too! I've just come to the end of my third week of use and boy is my scalp thanking me for the switch. I used a new hair product a month or so ago that didn't agree with my skin at all and it's been quite sore but this seems to have already calmed that down. I've read so many reviews on New Wash so I know the product is fab and so far, so good for me too! It's made me very eager to try more of the brand since using New Wash and Powder. 

Lee Stafford Keep It Clean Dry Shampoo £5.49
When it comes to high street dry shampoo, Batiste is what I usually reach for but I do have a soft spot for Lee Stafford so when a can of the Keep It Clean dry shampoo landed in my hands I was super intrigued to try it. The revitalising dry shampoo contains mineral rich pink clay which helps transform roots from a grease slick to fresher more volumised tresses. I really love the smell of this, you have to shake it before use and I would really recommend using this at night as it's very dusty but for a budget dry shampoo, it does the job perfectly. I would say you only get an extra day using this as hair does feel a little weighed down but as a quick touch up before your hair wash day, it's brilliant. 

Cake Beauty from £2.99
Before trying Hair Story, I tried Cake Beauty the new hair and skincare brand we've all been waiting to come this side of the water. I have the dry shampoo and a set of the shampoo and conditioner and ya know what? It's pretty fabulous and now I'm dying to try more. The brand is from Canada, is completely vegan, cruelty free and completely natural. The best bit? It smells like cake! The shampoo and conditioner helps bring lifeless hair back to life, plumping each strand and completely transforming limp hair. For post partum hair loss, it's a game changer! The dry shampoo is brilliant and could rival Batiste, there's no residue, the scent leaves hair smelling fresh and there' no heaviness. There's a few more bits from the range I want to try but I'm hanging off just while my hair settles with Hair Story, I have my sights on that hair mask. 

Have spied anything you'd love to try? Let me know in the comments!

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