Sunday 22 September 2019

Latest in Beauty Autumn 2019 Beauty Heroes

We are just one day away from Autumn and you know what that means? It's time for a beauty refresh! Latest in Beauty have given us a little hand thanks to their all-new Autumn 2019 Beauty Heroes box that features twelve new season essentials to help us ease ourselves into the new season.

The box features products from Image Skincare, Tangle Teezer and OhhK! and with a collective value of over £135, the retail price of £26 is a bloody steal!

Strap in people because you're gonna want to add this to your online cart quicker than you can say Autumn.

If there's one brand I trust to get me ready for Autumn, it's Latest in Beauty - I always switch up my clothes, makeup and fragrance with each new season but very rarely do I switch up my skincare. I may add in something a little more nourishing in the Winter months but more often than not it all stays the same so I'm taking the entire box on board and giving my skincare routine a little refresh with some of the products included in the Autumn Beauty Heroes box. 

For hair, we have the Tangle Teezer Palms & Pineapples Compact Styler which is beautiful! The design will help you cling on to that summer sun that little bit longer while keeping hair looking fabulous. I've used Tangle Teezer for years, they've always been my go-to and now I have a little compact one for when we travel too! There's also the Hershesons Almost Everything Cream with is the only product you need for styling if the info is anything to go by. It primes, fights frizz, tames stray hairs, boosts shine, conditions and helps add texture to hair! 

It sounds brilliant and I can't wait to give it a whirl. 

Next up we have some showstopping masks. Image Skincare creates some of my favourite products such as the Vitamin C lotion but I'm yet to try any of their masks. The Image Skincare Biomolecular Hydrating Recovery Mask infuses skin with a synergistic blend of volcanic water, ginseng root extract, amino acids and antioxidants to give your skin the ultimate overhaul and refresh. There's also a mask from OhK! a brand I always buy sheet masks from. The 3-Step Bamboo Charcoal Mask is one I haven't used before but it sounds great. Step one is a cleansing wash, step two is the charcoal mask and then step three is a moisturising serum. 

They'd make a great addition to a care package for a friend. 

The final mask product is from Patchology, the masks differ in each box and in mine, I found the Down Time eye gels which couldn't be more perfect. The Down Time patches contain three calming flowers for a zen-like experience so there's calendula, evening primrose and lavender. I used these last night and they felt so lovely on my eyes, so much so I've ordered a box of five from Patchology. 

For the body, there was a token bath melt from Miss Patisserie which was oh so cute and designed like a cupcake. I had to whip this away very quickly from Joshua because it definitely wasn't cake much to his dismay. You just pop the bath melt in hot water and let it release nourishing butters and soothing lavender for the perfect dose of me-time. One of my favourite products from Sanctuary was also in the box, I have the Ultra-Rich Wet Skin Moisture Miracle in each bathroom because I love it so much. It just helps to really lock moisture into the skin and the fragrance lasts for ages on the skin too. 

Also, inside the box is a the Nkd Skn Gradual Glow Tan Moisturiser and Organi Hand Cream both of which make great additions to an Autumn beauty box, they're just not something I'd personally use. 

My days of tanning are long gone! 

The last few products are brilliant for your face although two you can use for your body too. The Beauty Kitchen Hangbag Beauty Balm is a little pot of wonder. Firstly, it smells incredible and secondly it's multipurpose so you can use it for a whole range of things. The balm is made with a potent blend of Abyssinian Oil and works as a cleanser, eyebrow shaper, lip balm and moisturiser. It deeply nourishes and hydrates skin and you can return the pot to be re-used too! How fab is that?

The next product is the one I desperately needed in my life after a touch too much sun this summer. The Time Bomb Over Exposed Sun Damage Rescue is the cream you need if you've made the most of the warmer weather this year. The cream helps renew the look and feel of dry, tight skin, helps restore the skins natural radiance and helps improve the signs of long term photo-damage. I've just started using it the last few days so I'm intrigued to see the results.

The final item is an ol' classic, the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse is one of my favourite oils to use. It's a dry oil that can be used on hair or skin and it's formulated with vitamin E to help rehabilitate stressed skin and give a boost of hydration. It's such a great product and it smells incredible too. The floral version has been my favourite to use during the summer. 

And that's a wrap! The Autumn Beauty Heroes Box is available to buy now via Latest in Beauty and I really think it'll be one you'll want to get your hands on. 

What's your favourite product in the box?  

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