Wednesday 18 September 2019

Foodie Fortnight is back in Southampton

I've spoken about how incredible Southampton is for food a number of times. We have some of the best independents around, some brilliant well-known brands and a fab coffee scene and Foodie Fortnight is a great way to experience more of what the city has on offer. 

Foodie Fortnight is taking place from 23rd September through to the 6th of October and it's really easy to take part! Just head to the website, pick the deal that interests you the most, book at the restaurant then sit back and enjoy your meal. 

See... easy! 

I find with food, you can sometimes get stuck in a rut of going to the same places over and over again but the beauty of Foodie Fortnight is that you can try some new places, probably ones you've been meaning to for ages and do so at a bargain price thanks to all the deals and offers available.  

Just some of the deals included are:

Mango Thai Tapas - Curry, jasmine rice and dessert for £15.00
HarBar on 6th - Afternoon tea £10 per person
Grumpy Monkey - Burger and a pint for £10 
London Brewhouse - Two pizzas for £10
Bill's Restaurant - Two courses for £15 

You can view more via

On Monday, Emily and I headed to Mango Thai Tapas which is taking part in Foodie Fortnight to try out the menu for ourselves ahead of next week. 

I've never actually eaten in Mango before but it's one of Emily's favourite places to go so I was really looking forward to it. The service was really friendly as soon as we walked through the door and as we started to look at the menu, ice-cold water was brought over and our drink order was taken. 

We ordered some of the tapas to try before diving in with curry and jasmine rice. The Mango Corn Cakes were delicious! Sweetcorn and fresh mango fritters served with sweet chilli sauce and a dish I would definitely order again. The Vegetable Spring Rolls were just as yummy and were filled with vermicelli, mushrooms and spring greens rolled in pastry. 

There's a great selection of tapas to have as starters and with the £15 Mango deal being such good value, adding on a starter won't cost too much extra.

As part of the Foodie Fortnight deal, you can choose from three different curries, Green, Red or Golden with chicken, veggies, tofu or pork with jasmine rice followed by something sweet.

If you're yet to try Mango Thai Tapas, now is the perfect time to do so! 

FAQ's from Foodie Fortnight

Q: I would like to use the deal with my partner, do we both have to register?
A: Yes please! All those wishing to dine using the offer will need to register for the deal.

Q: How many deals can I grab?
A: You can grab as many deals as you like!

Q: Do I have to book?
A: Where booking is necessary, the restaurant will make this clear in the Deal Terms at the bottom left of the deal page.

Q: When do I pay?
A: You pay the restaurant directly when you visit

Make sure you're following Visit Southampton on Instagram where they'll be sharing the offers over the next few weeks.

The only thing you need to decide is where you're going to try first!

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