Wednesday 12 December 2018

New in my beauty cupboard

I think the most exciting thing about calling this my job is being able to try lots of new in beauty pieces. Beauty blogging has always been my first love and if that means trying numerous new lipsticks each month then I'm happy to take one for the team... Aren't I good eh?! 

I've been trialling lots of new bits recently and so I'm sharing five brands and a range of products that have made it into my permanent stash. 

You all know I love lipstick and Axiology are a lipstick brand with the values we wish alllll cosmetics companies stuck by. There's no animal testing, no horrible ingredients, no exploitation and they're completely honest in how they do things. The best bit? The lipsticks are incredible! I've been trying three shades out over the last few weeks but have fallen head over heels for the shade Worth which is the orangery, super matte shade you can see above. 

Each of the lipsticks retail for £24.00 while the lip crayons retail for £23.00. The lipsticks feel just like a balm upon application, are comfortable on the lips and the incredible pigment and longevity means it makes a really great addition to your make up kit. 

Postpartum hair loss has been a problem of mine for the last eight months and it just keeps getting worse. I recently had the Charles Worthington Grow Strong collection sent to me to try which includes four products to help promote stronger hair and help stimulate hair growth in just four weeks. My hair seems stronger and healthy but I can't confirm the four-week claim as I only wash my hair twice weekly. I'm going to keep to it, I love the way the shampoo and conditioner make my hair feel and for £7.99 each, they're a bargain too. 

Another postpartum woe is dry skin and so I had to really switch up the skincare for my body this year. Image Skincare is what I've been using recently, specifically the Vital C Hand & Body Lotion (£48.00) which is a beautifully scented hydrating body lotion. I've been using this daily and have already started to seeing difference. The ingredients help soothe skin and the four active forms of vitamin c help target the signs of ageing which I definitely need! It's such a fab product.

My favourite tool this month has been the Magnitone BlendUp Vibra Sonic Blending Brush (£70.00), it just makes applying your foundation so much easier. The blending brush can be used with any base from liquid to powder to give a natural, airbrushed look to the skin. It's light which makes it easy to use and the brush makes over 200 movements per second giving the most even finish. It also comes equipped with a USB charger so making sure it's always charged is a doddle! Definitely, one for the Christmas list, if you're stuck for ideas or you, have a beauty lover in your life.

Lastly, is the highlighter that hasn't left my makeup bag since it landed in my hands. The Pixi Beauty PixiGlow Cake (£24.00) is a light diffusing palette which comes in two shades. My favourite is the GildedBare Glow which is soft, bronzed and glowy! I apply to cheekbones and anywhere else the light hits for a soft glow and highlight! The palettes are huge so I can see this lasting me quite some time. I adore Pixi products because they're such good quality, always last well and they do the job intended. This would make such a great stocking filler. 

What new in pieces have you been trying this month?

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