Friday 17 May 2019

Nessa Organics Skincare for New Mums

With an impending bundle of joy, Mum can very quickly be forgotten but that doesn't have to be the case especially when it comes to skincare. Nessa Organics are an all new skincare brand specifically designed for Mum in mind so even when you have your hands fall, you know you can fall back on Nessa for targeted, organic skincare to keep your skin looking tip top. 

From pregnancy to post partum relief and your first moments into motherhood, Nessa have the only two products you'll need. Skincare was one thing I kept up with religiously when I fell pregnant and had Joshua. I would spend a lot of time massaging and talking to my bump using all my lotions and potions and even after he was in my arms.

I was left with quite a large scar after have an emergency caesarean and even though nobody can see it, I knew it was there and due to ongoing complications it still looked red and angry. I'm eighteen months down the road now but had a split and ongoing issues for quite some time so it's only now I've felt okay to use something like this on it rather than what I had been.

Scar Saviour (£25.00) is an organic, vitamin infused balm offering instant hydration as well as helping to restore vital skin functions. I've never held out much hope for scar reducing products, things I've used in the past have rarely worked but I noticed a reduction in redness and the overall appearance after three weeks, I was really amazed.

The balm is super soft in texture and a little goes a long way. It is loaded full of powerful plant actives including turmeric, liquorice and marshmallow roots as well as being rich in oils and butters all of which help minimise the appearance, colour and texture of scars and stretchmarks.

It's really quite magical and being able to see it do what it's meant to has been fascinating.

The second product available from Nessa Organics is Nipple SOS (£19.00). The lanolin free nipple balm is something I really could've done with in those first few days as I hated what I used but our feeding journey ended rather quickly so it was something I didn't need in the end. 

Nipple SOS is lanolin free, 100% natural, vegan, fragrance free balm and is made with certified organic ingredients and as much as it'll be brilliant for your nips, it's also pretty great on your lips which is actually what I've been using it for the last few weeks. 

The relieving balm is bumper packed full of moisture boosting butters and is perfectly blended with tropical fruit oils which helps sooth dry and cracked skin. When used for breastfeeding, there's no need to remove it first and it can be used anywhere near your newborn baby. 

I'd pin this as one of the best lanolin free balms available for breastfeeding if my lips are anything to go by. 

Nessa Organics are available to buy online and with glowing reviews that just keep coming, it's definitely one to consider when it comes to nipple and scar care. 

I wish Nessa had been around when I had Joshua but at least now, I'll know to stock up if there is ever a next time. 

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