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Geranium Nefertum by Molton Brown

With a new season comes another release from Molton Brown, one of my favourite bath and body brands. I've been a lover of their products for many years and have tried a number of their collections but this is completely different to anything they've released before and what I've tried before. 

Geranium Nefertum is available to buy now and features four products within the collection and as it's a unisex scent, it's perfect for all. I honestly wasn't sure on first look but the fragrance has really grown on me the last couple of weeks and the other half must be a fan as he's already had the deodorant away. 

The fragrance is described as an unconventional interpretation of a green chypre also knows as Cyprus. It takes a classic structure and adds an abstract twist creating something completely out of the ordinary. The scent is crafted with minty geranium sourced from Nile Delta and it's name, Nefertum is a nod to the ancient god of perfume. Molton Brown say the scent is a celebration of gender fluidity thanks to it's androgynous feel which I think is the perfect way to describe this. 

Top notes: Fig leaf accord and bergamot
Heart notes: Geranium and jasmine
Base notes: Labdanum, oakmoss accord and sandalwood

This fragrance dares tobe at ease with somethingthat is not usual. Cool figleaf mingles with green figfruit and milky sandalwood to transform a chypre structure. Bergamot, cistus, labdanum and most interestingly geranium inspire an abstract, androgynous sophistication.
Carla Chabert, Senior Perfumer

You can experience the collection with bath products or fragrance, all of which I've been trying out the last couple of weeks. As you know, my shower is full of Molton Brown Shower Gel (£22.00) so adding another to the shelf makes me very happy. The shower gels create a super soft lather that feels beautiful on skin and as you don't need much, the price doesn't seem so steep although I do believe we all need a luxurious bath treat every now and then and this is a brand I will always turn to for that.

The Molton Brown Body Lotion (£26.00) is one of the best luxury lotions I've used and it's almost always what I reach for to give my skin a real treat. It's thick but soaks in well meaning you don't have to bounce around waiting for it to dry and the scent really does linger. Paired with other products in the collection, you'll be smelling beautiful all day long.

I like to think I'm pretty clued up on Molton Brown products but it turns out you can also buy a number of their fragrance collections in deodorant form including Geranium Nefertum Deodorant (£20.00). I've always been a Dove gal so I've never really had to look before. It smells great, doesn't seem too wet and the scent hangs around, Arran has had this away so these are his words on the deodorant and not mine but I think he's pleased with this one. 

The final item is of course the Geranium Nefertum Eau de Toilette available in 50ml (£45.00) and 100ml (£69.00). The reason I love their fragrances so much is because of their sleek yet understated bottles and a scent that lasts. All too often I've tried perfumes that seem to disappear after an hour or so but Molton Brown's don't do that. They're fragrances really are quite unique so you'll always feel like you're wearing something special too. 

You really must try one if you haven't done so already

You can discover Geranium Nefertum and more on and with a number of products and gift sets to choose from, I'm sure something will catch your eye.

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  1. This sounds like a really gorgeous range! I love Molton Brown products because the scent combinations are always really gorgeous! xx


  2. They are one of my fave bath product brands and I love finding out about new scents :) xx

  3. This sounds like a really nice and different scent from them x

  4. Oooh I love Molton Brown! These look amazing x


  5. This sounds like such an unusual scent. I remember the smell of Geranium leaves from my Granddad's greenhouse. So, this is one scent I would like to smell. :)

    Sarah 🌺 || Boxnip || Latest Post

  6. Oooh that scent sounds absolutely delightful! Their packaging is gorgeous too!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  7. I’ve only just developed a little love for Molton Brown and this new collection looks tempting to say the least. Thank you for sharing.

  8. I've actually never heard of this brand before

    Candice x

  9. This sounds like such a lovely range. I love their packaging too, it's so grown up and sophisticated looking!
    Chantelle x
    The Girl In The Tartan Scarf

  10. Oh it sounds gorgeous I love MB! x

  11. This sounds incredible and I love the fancy packaging xx

  12. This sounds like such a fab collection xx

  13. I have to admit, this doesn't sound like a fragrance I'd usually be drawn too, however, Molton Brown products are always heavenly so I definitely could be tempted!

  14. Fig and bergamot sounds gorgeous - I really love the range of scents Molton Brown do :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  15. Molton Brown one of my favourite brands x

  16. I love treating myself to Molten Brown products - I'll have to give this one a sniff next time I'm in town!
    Em x

  17. I love the sound of this it sounds like it would smell absolutely amazing!

    Andrew James -

  18. I always seem to prefer unisex scents - need to check this out! x

  19. I'm loving molton brown right now and I bet that smells SO good!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  20. This all sounds so lovely, Milton Brown have the best shower gels.


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